Any of you play or sing or write music as a coping skill when you aren't feeling alright?

I was just wondering if singing songs or playing some sort of instrument or writing songs helps people cope at all? After I dropped out of high school I took up guitar playing and eventually ukulele and mandolin playing and I felt that was very helpful in keeping me busy and giving me a release from any bad feelings. I’ve been writing riffs and things to kind of let my mind go freely and to express my feelings. I’ve also have written some lyrics but I have trouble combining the instrumentation and the lyrics. Also have any of you play or have played in a band and did that help? Feel free to share any of your music or lyrics too.

I play guitar lately. It was in hock and my cousin paid to get it out for me. that’s the second time someone has done that for me. I’ve learned my lesson. anyways, I am working at getting my callouses worked back up on my fingers. I don’t know where I"d be without music. as far as writing songs. I have wrote three songs in my entire life and I play them often. two of them are instrumentals.

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