Any ideas on what to do in your free time?

Just need some ideas on what to do on my free time. Also when you are anxious.

Listen to spotify ?

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Music, drink coffee, walk around in circles while thinking.


I listen to music, watch videos, think, pray or just pace around. It depends on how I feel.

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Here are some suggestions from a packet my psychiatrist gave me for coping with my voices:

Repeat a mantra. Try"I am relaxed" or “I am calm.” I personally like “I love you, I love you, I love you.”
Shake a glitter jar
Go for a run
Count back from 100 or do simple math in your head
Write a letter in the voice of your BFF
Give or get a bear hug
Walk in nature
Blow a pinwheel
Envision your best self
Create vision board
Name your emotion
Rock on n a rocking chair
Pop bubble wrap
Have a dance party
Roll a tennis ball under your back
Roll a golf ball under your feet
Ride bicycle
Take a coloring break
Plan a fun activity
Make a bracelet or a collage

That’s most of them, I think there are some pretty helpful things in here!

As for things to do in your free time, I have started taking more walks in nature. I want to start volunteering at a soup kitchen and taking a class of a topic that is interesting to me.


video games, movies, music. Maybe an audiobook.


I sleep most of the time


Yes, sleep helps those of us who don’t have a dream to dream anymore.

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