Any Ideas for Next Chapter of SzA Video Journal?

Making my next chapter tonight. I’m going to discuss the mood aspects of SzA. Does anyone have experiences/suggestions that I could share?


Sooner i like ur and Ethan video very much…!! it’s good to spread social awareness…!!!
I don’t have any idea …Hope u get inspiration from mother nature …Keep it up bro …!!

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Hey @Sooner88 !

Thanks for doing this videos. The mood aspects of schizoaffective disorder is definitely something that I personally don’t know much about, as someone with schizophrenia. I’m very interested in hearing about your experience with that aspect.

Well you’re better at the videos than I am. I need to figure out how to add subtitles and background music like a lot of people on Youtube do.

I intend to talk about the depressive symptoms but mostly the destructive situations caused by mania/hypomania. Not a lot of people realize how harmful and dangerous those moods are.

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That’s just not true :slight_smile: although I feel the same way about every single vlog I come across :stuck_out_tongue:

I am trying to learn more about editing and making the videos better as well. Don’t sweat the small stuff too much though, or you start getting obsessive and anxious like me :disappointed_relieved:

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I’m plenty anxious, why do you think I take a bucket of Xanax every day? lol

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:slight_smile: I’m glad there is medication to help with anxiety for sure.

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@Sooner88 do you have bipolar or depressive type sza? I forgot.

Maybe talk about your type in particular and give an example of an action you took while manic or depressed. Oh and make it relatable, I think a lot of people can relate to depression and I bet normies can even relate to mania.

I like your videos. I think you’re doing a really good thing. And I know how nervous you are to do it and you’ve overcome a very big, very real fear to do it. I think you’re amazing.

BTW, as a side question, how did you come up with your user name? Is there any significance to it or is it like mine and the first word that popped into your head when you joined?

I have depressive type but I have hypomanic episodes. It confuses me because hypomania means bipolar 2, so I should have bipolar type, but that’s not how they do it I guess… And Sooner88 is because I’m an Oklahoma Sooners fan and I was born in 1988.


Maybe talk about how having an illness like this is a death sentence and a living nightmare. The suffering never ends as you get older and it just gets worse.
You become more isolated and out of touch and even more disabled and alone. And then one day all of your support system dies and your left incompetent in a nursing home being giggled at by strangers and not taken seriously not even in your death bed. When you die, in your 50’s if your lucky, from the terrible side effects of the meds.(either your heart gives out or you need new kidneys or a liver transplant). You will not even be remembered for anything except being crazy. Literally nothing good comes from SZA. Your trapped between psychosis and reality with enough insight to be depressed along with it. You can’t function like a normal human being because your brain won’t cooperate. You lose your self respect and your dignity and you turn into a complete loner/loser. And nothing good comes of it.

Bro, take some happy pills.

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Yea I know but I’ve had this illness for 15 years in just calling it like it is.

I have seen some people recovered and are doing very well. Sz/affective is no longer a death sentence I suppose

Do people with sz really die that young?? :cry: :disappointed_relieved:

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Sz people tend to die younger than normies because they/we are more likely to get diabetes and heart disease due to our medications. Even a perfectly fit person can get diabetes and high cholesterol just by taking their antipsychotics.

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Don’t scare sooner Ap gives a lot of side effect …!!
My dad is a sz never been official diagnosed …He Never confess cuz mental illness is highly stigmatized in our poor country !!! unlucky he suffers diabetes and high blood pressure …!!!

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