Any ideas for a better life?

any ideas for a better life?

i keep trying, what about you guys, how can you make your life better?

doesn’t have to be a big thing bc even little things add up :slight_smile:


Have at least one person in your life who cares about you. Find and do a hobby. Find things to be grateful about everyday. Spend a little time outside with nature every day.


Focus on the things you can control or plan, today, right now, not the past or future or what others are doing or not doing. The worst thing you can do is turn inward. You have a duty to learn some new skills (occupational, avocational, interpersonal, even basic time management and organization). Learning to be helpful rather than critical was the most important and helpful skill that improved my life. Choose friends who are happier and better people than you, and learn to do what they do. Good luck.


Take care of your health. All the bad eating or sleeping habits etc. you have now are going to come back to bite you when you get older. I took a lot of my good health for granted but now at age 57 a lot of things are going wrong. I have permanent back problems from too much hard labor, I suffer from fatigue. my newest ailment is the podiatrist tells me I have flat feet. And as you get older, even if you took care of yourself, age can play havoc on your body. I come home from work a lot of days and the next day I get up in the morning and I feel like I just ran around for two hours playing tackle football. I was in good shape all the way until I was about forty but now I get tired easier and I lost some strength.


Better healthier eating and dieting . Better Physical exercise. More focus on everything.More Money.

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Find a place where you can have internet access uninterrupted for 8 hours a day and learn skills online in whatever field you’re interested in that can be learned remotely. Spend 2 hours a day applying those skills. Eventually when you learn enough to be an expert at that field, flip the schedule and make it 2 hours learning and 6-8 hours applying. If you do this long enough you will definitely prosper.

The time spent learning has to be in total isolation, where no one can disturb you and you’re not disturbed by social media notifications / slacking off impulses.

You also should eat well, since eating bad foods will weigh down your digestion and funnel all the blood from your brain to your gut, making you lethargic and unfocused.

The only people who cared about me: my mom and my son, are now dead. So, I no longer have anyone in the world who care about me. Except one person: G-d. And he’s a biggie.

My ideas for a better life include: prayer, exercise, meditation, study, books, volunteering, nutritious food, good sleep hygiene, music, socialization, meds, and pet ownership.


Treat yourself and others with respect.

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Try to find some way to challenge yourself often, to grow past a boundary. Always try to learn new things.

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