Any antipsychotic thats not a tranquilizer?

Last time i spoke with my pharmacist he says resperdal is used for scz, mania and as tranquilizer. I am tired of being sedated.

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Maybe Geodon and latuda is less sedative. Just Ask those who take Geodon and Latuda.

Abilify did not tranquilize me. In fact, it gave me energy and even more motivation.


I have Abilify. I’m not tired.

Comatose, Abilify is less powerful in controlling positive symptoms. That’s why you still hear voices. Have you told your Pdoc about your symptoms?

According to a study I recently read in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, Latuda, Geodon, Zyprexa, Abilify, and Risperdal have proven to be the least sedating atypical AP medications.

All APs are tranquilizers. It’s just a matter of finding one that affects you the least.

Personally, having tried all the atypicals, I’ve found Latuda to be the least sedating.



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I’ve forgotten how it was when I was on Zyprexa, but I remember Risperidone was quite sedative three years ago. I usually got up around 10 am in the morning. I am now on Amisulpride. This med is so sedative that I can not woke up before 9:30 am.

i took geodone 1 time while i was in the hospital and i was so out of it i never took it again…maybe it just has diffrent effects on different people but i could barely stomach that stuff

on topic yeah abilify doesnt make me tired at all.

I felt way more sedated on Geodon than I do Latuda. Adding to the problem, I had to take Geodon in the morning and at night, so I had daytime sedation.

Now, I only take Latuda once at night. And no more sedation!



I don’t recommend any sort of medication. Perhaps the older ones are safer because they do not target your genes.

i was very sedated for years when i started meds like a zombie, but now im not

It seems like they have different effects for different people. I don’t find quetiapine (seroquel) sedating at all, but aripiprazole (abilify) sedated me unlike a lot of other people who have posted. It sedated me less than haloperidol (haldol) did though.

Green6: I will on Tuesday when I have my appointment.

The sedating - ‘calming’ antipsychotics would be basically your -pine antipsychotics - olanzapine (Zyprexa), quetiapine (Seroquel), clozapine (Clozaril) Risperdal is more sedating than Invega. Your best bet for activating atypical antipsychotics are Latuda, Geodon (depends) and Abilify. Not so sure about Fanapt and Saphris - don’t know where they would fit in