Anxiety ruining my life

Im feeling really anxious its ruining my life have u any hints

What are you anxious about? It could be paranoia, if so the only thing really is meds and time to recover from your beliefs.

btw Welcome to the forum @Kate1.


Im waiting to see my cpn tomorrow

Thankyou admiralbarkley for your response i feel grateful in my heart its been lonely in these sz years

What meds do u recommend?

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Clonazepam or Lorazepam. If you want to stay away from the benzos you could try Clozapine or Buspar. There are more options that I am sure others can suggest. :smiley_cat::smiley_cat::smiley_cat:

Latuda has been good for me. It has done more for me than Clozapine and I get no side effects.

Olanzapine has been a miracle drug for me for about the last almost 22 years for me. So glad I’ve never been on clozapine, you have to get blood work done once a week for quite a while and then once every 2 weeks for a while after that and when it finally settles in your system it’s once a month. Too much responsibility for me, at least when it comes to a psychiatric drug.

clozapine handles my anxiety, I haven’t had a panic attack since being on it. The blood draws aren’t that bad since you don’t have to fast, Just set aside 30mins once a week and they take one tube its called CBC diff (complete bloodcell count differential). The only part that I don’t like about the lab is that the workers are nosey and ask whats wrong with me because I go every week, then I have to explain I’m perfectly fine, its to regulate psych meds. I started the tests in August, now I have to wait til February to get it down to two weeks

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Take good care of yourself. Get plenty of sleep. Drink plenty of water. Eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruit and fiber rich foods and low in fat. Exercise regularly. Do things that reduce your stress like if you enjoy meditating or casual walks or listening to music. Keep healthy, positive people around you and limit your exposure to negative people. Good luck and welcome to the forum.


I beat a panic disorder and had debilitating anxiety but I overcame it by learning to ignore the fear associated with panic attacks and anxiety…good luck…it’s harder than it sounds but you can beat this !!


My pdoc prescribed sertraline for anxiety and PRN diazepam and has got me a short course of mindfulness with a psychologist.

I find that the exposure route works for me, as in doing what makes me anxious despite the panic and anxiety. It really does get better over time.

Anxiety sucks and can be completely debilitating.


I rarely have anxiety anymore. I used to have chronic fear and panic attacks for 6 years. I think supplements and med changes helped a lot. I don’t know what happened but I got better. Caffeine does not help at all. I still drink a ton but I want to quit. I guess it’s the thought that counts. It’s hard. I realize I zone out and dissociate with caffeine. I just get nothing done and do nothing at all.

I like to walk to reduce my anxiety, I also take lorazepam if it gets bad. Welcome to the forum @Kate 1

Make sure to get enough sleep. I get extra anxious wen I skip a night if sleep

I have all types of anxiety, fear, panic. I already overcame a lot of anxiety by exposure though. Doing what i fear. Im more social and open and im not as upset by small failures as i used to be. Im still fearful, but i am not as limited because of it as before. What also helped me is to just be open about it (well, now and then). Sometimes people reply by telling me they too are fearful of that situation and it is normal. Or they tell me im doing much better than i thought.

Good luck beating anxiety…sorry you are struggling!


CBT therapy can help with anxiety. As can grounding exercises

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