Anxiety/panic attack while driving

Luckily im not behind the wheel but a passenger however feel like eons have passed until we will arrive at our destination waiting about 3 hours
feeling apprehensive, anxious, fearful but all i can do is wait.

Ain’t that a killer… Everything takes time… . 9 months to be born and than ur whole life to die… just try breathing or music or even games like reading licences plates or trying to find weird things on the road… I count things like trees or the lines on the road but my dad says that’s a bad thing why don’t know… but hey it works for me…

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Sorry you are going through some terrible moments. You have my sympathies. Do you have a calming med you can take as needed, or do you know any coping techniques?

I hate having an attack while driving… it hits when I think I’m lost. For some reason I loose it when I think I’m lost.

There were times I had to pull over and just shout it out… it’s never easy and being in a small space like a car during the time just makes it worse.

Hope things are going better

I feel for you i rarely drive anymore because of that same reason. Is the driver atleast a decent one?