Anxiety filled

So we’re going out tomorrow and I’m already feeling overly anxious about the night. We’re going to get new shoes, and then go out for dinner. And over the weekend we’re supposed to go clothes shopping. I don’t know why but I’m feeling very, very anxious about these trips out, almost to the point of not wanting to go out. Yet I need new tennis shoes, and I want to get a couple more nice outfits in case we get a call that my grandpa passed and I have to have funeral appropriate attire.

It’s not a full blown panic attack but it feels like my blood is rushing faster than normal and I just want to curl up in a corner somewhere and not deal with it. I wont be alone, my parents will be with me, but I still can’t shake this feeling inside of me that something bad is going to happen tomorrow. Normally after dinner we all sit out and watch TV for an hour or so, but tonight I just want to sit in my room and be alone. I don’t know what to do.

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do you have any klonopin or ativan you could take for these trips? c’mon, what’s the worst that could happen? so you might get anxious but that’s about it really. you can do this. nice deep breaths and try and stay calm. they are only shopping trips. you’ve handled them in the past right? so you can handle them in the future, starting tomorrow. do not let anxiety win hunni. you’ll feel so proud of yourself after you have done these things i promise you. good luck xxx


Stress triggers anxiety - it could be because of what you are going through with your grandpa. Maybe you can try to slow down a bit - take quiet walks or listen to tranquil music, things like that. I dont know if you are taking medication for the anxiety, but meds can help sometimes - talking to your pdoc might be an answer for you.
I wish you well @sohare1981 - try to take things slower if you can


hi I know how you feel thing is worst case scenario you get no sleep and don’t go? no big deal hou don’t HAVE to do anthing also I have noticed that you can see that nervous energy as I AM EXCITED and that’s what it becomes if that makes sense.

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Something my anxiety app and therapist taught me is to play the scenario out in your head before you go. Try to experience every detail and as soon as you get anxious think of a place that makes you feel safe, like your room, or look at a photo of a happy memory. Once you start to calm down resume where you were in thinking of the shopping trip. Practice as much as you can. My therapist also says to be prepared. Have your coping skills ready for whatever makes you anxious about it. For me sometimes its talking to the cashier so I have my grounding and breathing techniques ready. Once you get out and do it you’ll probably have fun. It’s a lot of fun to shop, but I do understand your anxiety. Good luck. Let us know how it goes. :sunny:

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I’ve taken my medication, and have listened to two New Age CD’s since doing the dishes, and I’ve relaxed an incredible amount compared to earlier. I even managed to get some writing done in my story, but am going to take the rest of the night and just relax in the quietness of my room and the sway of some relaxing CD’s. I’ve started reading a book, and am debating if i want to finish it or start another one…it’s an older story, but set in the city I live in…Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton. I’ve been wanting to read it for a while but always selected something else. I don’t know. I might do some writing, not for my story just relaxing writing…sometimes it helps to let my stress out creating stories and whatnot.

I’ll let everyone know how the shopping trip goes tomorrow night.

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Feel 100% better than last night. I’m looking forward to going out and getting some new shoes and possibly a new purse. I got a bunch of new perfume I bought from Amazon and am wearing one of them now and feeling much better. I don’t know what was upsetting me last night but I’m glad the feel hasn’t lasted over the night.

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