Anxiety and restlessness

Does anyone have any tips for these?
I do meditation and breathing exercises but the restlessness makes me just feel depressed.

When the dose of Invega was high, I felt restless and could not sit still. My pdoc reduced the dose by one third , the bad feeling went away.

When I’m restless I go shoot hoops, run, swim… anything to burn off that excess agitation. Burning off the agitation I find will tire me out and then I’m not feeling so anxious.

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Yes don’t inhale Butane


I use a exercise bike to burn off the restlessness anxiety energy. Seems to do the trick for me but only if I’m at home :smiley: as that’s where the bike is. Keeping a journal, also cutting back on caffeine throughout the day. The depressions worth mentioning to your pdoc if you haven’t. Might also be worth keeping a mood journal, you can pick them off the net just about everywhere these days for free. Show that to your pdoc a few times when you see him/her.

Could you link me to an online mood journal? @Dreamscape


I don’t do that anymore wave don’t worry

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Printable pdf


when i was on fluphenazine depot (which i likely just misspelled prolixin is the other name) i had the worst akathisia i’ve had from medication. i don’t if that’s what you mean by restless anxiety, but if it is, propranolol helped me a lot. i couldn’t sit and i couldn’t sleep and my body wanted to turn itself inside out. if it’s like that i would suggest speaking with your doctor as it could be a side effect.

By restless I get bored quick and find it hard to focus on things and just wanting to sleep most of the time but not being able to because of the restlessness and anxiety

oh, i see. that’s not what i was experiencing quite so much. i do have an attention span and motivation issue and i’m supposed to do cognitive remediation at some point for it. i have to be out of hospital and “stable” on meds for some amount of time though. that sounds maybe different too. i hope you find some resolution, regardless. take care

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When I get restless I either go for a walk or do something busy with my hands. Like crafting or painting something. Do something to burn off that restlessness.


Yeah I was thinking for going for a walk in the mornings or drawing :slight_smile:

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Ok for anxiety and restlessness, I drink herbal tea and stay away from all caffine in your diet, and all stimulants in general. Exercise regularly is also recomended. Also I noticed that Antipsychotics cause restlessness and it’s listed as one of their symptoms so if you’ve done everything else and still feel restless talk to your doctor. That’s the main reason that I don’t take them. When i’m on APs I can’t even read. Even when I’m on a “low” dose.

Maybe that’s it then and I will try to stay away from caffeine.

Yeah just google, “causes of anxiety” and stay away from all of that stuff.

Also any sort of addictions that you may have will cause long term generalized anxiety such as smoking…as long as you’re addicted. I still smoke, but I know it’s causing me anxiety so that’s on my list of things to do is to quit that. And if you quit caffine cold turkey… lol it’s actually harder than it sounds, you’ll probably have a series of crappy days for about a week. I think the amount of caffine Americans consume on a daily basis is a contributer to a lot of problems.

Yeah I smoke and marijuana

honestly the cigarettes are probably worse for you.

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I agree @SnowyOwl