I was forcibly detained and forced to go in a psychiatric institution because of a completely non-violent accident and diagnosed with “schizoaffective disorder”.
During this time they gave me Zyprexa for 3 months.

Since then I lost all feelings and emotions. For all I mean: fear, love, hate, envy,everithing.!'ve Lost all my friends. No desire to live, I feel like an empty shell. Complete lack of creativity, lack of social skills
Lack of empathy, lack of motivation and a sense of accomplishment.
5 months ago I stopped taking zyprexa but I have no improvement and Im beginning to think that my brain is permanently damaged by these drugs.
Is there any hope that my brain will recover?

in our case the game is reverse, we suffer from lack of emotions and meds makes us better and gives us feelings, I don’t know why this has happened to you? maybe this is your illness symptoms and not your med side effect, see a psychiatrist. how ever antipsychotics like clozapine can cure this symptoms.

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Just wondering what was happening before you went to the hospital? If you are seeing a doctor, I would check with him. I have never heard of this once you are off the meds–or maybe they take awhile to leave your system.

Is it possible that what you are experiencing is negative symptoms rather then medication side affects? The meds should not be affecting you after 5 months being off them. Sometimes negative symptoms and side affects can mimic each other. Also is there a possibility that you are experiencing depression? Have you talked to a professional?

Personally I believe the brain can recover however I’m not a doctor or scientist, just a mom :smile:

Yes,your brain needs time to recover,I went through 5 years of hell before I start having a little bit of insight,maybe what you need is just time

are you saying it took you 5 years to recover after you stopped taking antipsychotics?

It might take time but you could see improvement. I’ve decided to keep seeing my psychiatrist and try a different medication. Perhaps you want to see about a different one. Your brain shouldn’t be damaged by taking Zyprexa for only 3 months. If you really think so you could get an EEG and EKG to measure if it has. EEG is given to check for brain damage and I got one before my diagnosis to be assured it wasn’t something else causing my symptoms.

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Um ok, sounds like what happens to normal people when they take antipsychotics. What did you do exactly to get committed involuntarily? What sort of questions did you answer “yes” to? Sounds like you got doped up and honestly yeah these drugs can permanently effect your brain, did you fake insanity to avoid jail?

Im not trying to blame you or antagonize you, but dude make sure you are psychotic before taking antipsychotics. Theyre the most heavy duty prescription drugs out there. And yes, again, they DO permanently effect the brain, that’s the idea, to get people’s incorrectly functioning brains back to normal. Its called neuroplasticity and its very real.

This concerns me. What did you do to get committed and what did you tell them once you were committed? Sounds like you got slapped with a ■■■■■■■■ catch-all diagnosis and were quacked away by some ducks. Schizoaffective is usually used to just label someone “not right in the head” and to be honest, there are not that many people who are actually schizoaffective. It is overdiagnosed, significantly, like ADHD and ADD.

If you dont want to share your story on how you ended up in a mental hopsital, I will share mine so I look worse- I got drunk, was on antidepressants, assaulted people and became belligerent and they got seven cops to surround me and take me in.

I have taken meds many years and I do not feel anything, no real love, no hate or anything else, it is just us here in the sz world.

When I was on Zyprexa years ago, I also went all numb inside with no feelings, and I hated it, so I went off my pills. As a result I relapsed and had to go back to hospital where they put me on Clozapine. This had terrible side effects so I went onto Risperidone, which worked fine. I’m on Amisulpride now which works as well as risperidone. Some antipsychotics make one feel dead like negative symptoms (another one that did this to me is haloperidol), but not all. I don’t feel dead on amisulpride, just my sex drive is dead - but that’s a small price to pay for my sanity.

I got drunk, some ■■■■■■■ put drugs in my drink and I broke into a house, got arrested and send to a mental hospital because I told the cops some crazy stuff like I was a pharaoh and other crap.I knew what I was saying was not true but I had the delusion that I was invincible so I acted like a idiot.

well then thats a normal reaction to drugs lol

Do you think you have schizoaffective?

No, I dont think I have schizoaffective

then dont take meds for it. Seriously anti-schizo meds are not to be fooled with. Go see a psychiatrist and read about the symptoms of schizoaffective disorder. Did you tell the people at the hospital that you were on drugs? Sounds like something hard and wack like PCP was slipped into your drink.