Antipsychotics withdrawl advice

Has anyone expirnced crying from withdrawing antipsychotics ? I’m on 156mg invega shor every month. I tried coming down to 117mg shot and been crying bad.

My advice is if you go down, and it’s absolutely horrible and intolerable, even if you feel like you only went down a tiny amount, it was too big a jump. Everyone’s body adjusts differently. You need to make a smaller drop down next time. Maybe 156, to 136. If that is miserable, then even smaller. Maybe it will take forever to wean off, but you won’t be in agony and will be less likely to get severe rebound symptoms too.

Ideally when you reduce a dose, you should experience no withdrawal symptoms to only mildly unpleasant ones. More than that, and you need to not drop as drastically, or spend more time on that dose before you go down.

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Yes! When I went down on risperidone I started crying all the time. It was really bad. It’s better now that I went back up again, but it hasn’t resolved completely. It’s like the floodgates were open and now they’re hard to shut.

You mean feeling emotions? Yes. Off medications, it’s easier to cry. It’s a really normal, human emotion. I wasn’t extreme or anything. But it’s better to stay on medications.

Thank you for the advice! By the way what are rebound symtoms??

Yeah I feel like crying but I don’t it’s weird

When someone suddenly drops an AP the neurotransmitters that were previously being suppressed by the med (dopamine) skyrocket up. With antidepressants, the brain was used to getting serotonin and other “happy” chemicals from the meds and stopped making its own and suddenly has nothing. This causes a temporary massive resurgence in symptoms that are even worse than the person’s normal symptom severity off meds. This is actually much more dangerous than withdrawal, and is what lands many people in the hospital or dead.

If you look at people who committed suicide w mental illness, many of the suicides happened because the people spontaneously dropped their meds.

Slowly tapering off meds prevents this because it helps your brain readjust to the altering levels in neurotransmitters.

Considering some of the sh!t I’ve pulled when I was coming off an antipsychotic I’m lucky I haven’t got my ass seriously whipped. I’m not joking. It was bad.

I’m weaning off Latuda by 20mg every 2 months. I was at 80mg, now I’m down to 40mg. All I can say is it’s hard but if you stick to it, under a pdocs supervision, you can easily do it.

I got insomnia for 3 nights wen I withdrew geodon. The lack of sleep made me cry

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