Antipsychotics not working anymore


I don’t really know what is happening.

Saphris 20 mg has been useless. And now Zyprexa 7.5 mg is also useless. And feel nothing. I don’t feel the antipsychotic effect at all, even not the bad side effects I used to have.

Zyprexa 7.5 mg is what cured me in 2013. Why is it not working now?!

Has this already happened to you?


How long have you been taking zyprexa? It takes a while to build up in your system.


Since 4 days.

In 2013, I got an immediate miraculous effect on the first day from Zyprexa! The same with all others antipsychotics I began, like Abilify and Saphris.


i get use to aps very quickly, currently on latuda 160mgs and haldol 50mg injection. i am also on lthium, amitriptyline, ativan, and clonidine.


My psychiatrist said that if there is no effect after 1 week, it means that the antipsychotic is not effective.


It takes 2 weeks for abilify to reach a steady state in your system so I’d question that assertion big time.


Considering I had an immediate effect with all antipsychotics, except for the last month, can I assume that there is a problem?


You might have to take a stronger, typical antipsychotic to handle your symptoms. For some people, like myself, they are extremely unpleasant, but other people don’t mind them. If none of the atypicals work, you might have to go that route.


Do you think it is possible that 7.5 mg is not an enough high dosage of Zyprexa considering that this dosage has been effective in the past?


Loxapine is not working for me and haldol causes chest pains. Both are ineffective. I know what you mean.


I couldn’t say. It’s been so long since I have been on Zyprexa. I usually quit taking it as soon as I had the chance. Zyprexa was the atypical ap most like the typicals that I ever took. It handled my symptoms, but it made me crave sugar. I was afraid I was going to come down with diabetes.


Ask yourself ur doctor to increase the dose to 10 mg to see if that makes a difference


I was told by my pdoc that 7.5 is a relatively low dose. So maybe a med adjustment ?


yooh many times
before i went to last doctor
he usually use high dose the decrease then increase if needed then decrease the dose again …etc
to avoid losing the effectiveness of drug
3 years now on the same drug!


Which med are u on…


tablets and long acting injection together


Do u work. …have a job…


That happened to me with abilify. Worked great for 5 years, went off it, tried to go back on it and it was useless. So it definitely can happen, but 7.5 is a pretty low dose. Maybe you just need more now.


I would try increasing the dose


You have already told us several times that antipsychotics have saved your life. But what were your symptoms before medication? And what are your symptoms now? I am not sure you even have schizophrenia…