Antipsychotics not working anymore


The therapeutic dosage on ZYPREXA is 10mg+ and I’m on 15mg!


My haldol recently wore off. My doc raised my meds. We will see how it goes. Maybe a new med would help u.


Hello @Andrey.

My symptoms were exactly the same as now. Mainly tachycardia, dizziness, extreme fatigue. Yes it is true that antipsychotics saved my life in 2013. They cured me. But actually the same antipsychotic do nothing at all at the same dosage which is Zyprexa 7.5 mg.

@JH85. So that means 7.5 mg is useless?! Why doesn’t my psychiatrist know that?! She has already put me on the lowest possible dosage of Saphris for a long time, which is the reason why I’m actually in a breakdown.


These are not symptoms of sz. I’m confused. What are your psychotic symptoms that you need an AP change for?


Some people just have negative symptoms.


My psychiatrist doesn’t think that I am schizophrenic or that I have ever had psychosis. She is not sure at all about the diagnosis. She thinks about a somatic symptoms disorder and maybe a little bit psychotic.

My symptoms are all physical and in 2013, the antipsychotic removed all my physical symptoms.



One week now since I began Zyprexa 7.5 mg and still no effect at all from it. It’s as if I was taking a placebo. :frowning:

What does my psychiatrist should do now?


Increase the dosage? Try polypharmacy?

We all know meds aren’t the whole solution! Have you considered CBT/Phycology?


@anubis like I told you before, one week is not enough time.
You have wait at least a month before it takes effect.


Polypharmacy? CBT/Phycology? What is that? Never heard of that…

What I don’t understand is that my breakdown is not so bad. I already had worst breakdowns that all been solved quickly by a change with the antipsychotic.

But now, the breakdown seems endless because the antipsychotics don’t work anymore! This is really bad! :frowning:


Polypharmacy is more than One AP, like taking 2x of them that hit different nueroreceptors!

CBT is a type of therapy called Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and is normally the go to therapy for schizophrenia!

I also agree with wave, it can take 6 weeks or so for a AP to start working, so don’t be too disheartened, despite your ruined holiday plans!


I know it’s just that I don’t have 1 month. I can’t be in a situation in which I will have no salary for 1 month or more. I would be in a big trouble. :frowning:


Loxapine succinate is a very old drug. Even Haldol is primitive when compared to modern atypical anti psychotics. The difference between old and new drugs is that old drugs give side effects when given in high doses and so you cannot increase the dose which results in insufficient dose for the condition. New drugs can be given in high doses, which the body tolerates and have a better chance of curing the disease.


30mg of Saphris did the trick for me. Eventually after a couple of years I was able to taper to 20mg. It worked wonderfully.


Apps have stopped working for me. Not cool when that does happen. Maybe a higher dose of zyprexa would work or a new med altogether