For who else meds worked after more than a year please?

I am desperate. Ill pray that my meds work better one day… my pdoc says sometimes they work after years but i think she lies to me, nobody hear heard something like this :disappointed_relieved:

You’ve only been on a therapeutic dose of zyprexa for a few days.

Anna are you trying any supplements in addition to meds, and therapy?

Yeah but even 7,5 mg should have worked isnt it? Idk… i have some strange med effect now, idk if it should be so hard in the beginning of a trt, i feel my brain in my head ever…

No. 7.5mg is a sub theraputic dose. It doesn’t work.

Ok ill give a chance to the 10 mg but its hard here, it doesnt get better at all since a week.


Ive been on 20mg for three years has been working very well for me.

She is a liar, aps are psychoactive and start working from the first pill, their effect raise or lower by time, but they should work from the first pill as I said no matter wrong or right one, she is playing with you.

Maybe she was talking about their raising effect? Or she just counts on the small push up of my zyprexa and that ill put own efforts after this… or maybe she doesnt care about me at all, idk…

The chance given to a med is one month if not working your psychiatrist must change it or offer you sth to adjust your combination.

You really believe that all recovered people did it in a month? I dont believe it i think… ive tried 10 aps in the past. My ex pdoc told me to keep the zyprexa. The only one who pulled me out of my bed. But i still dont live, yes…

You should be able to tell if it’s working within a month, or a couple months at the most, but that does not mean you will be recovered in a month. You might continue having incremental improvement, or you might just reach a plateau.

If you reach a plateau, usually they consider increase in dosage or adding a drug to the mix.

Geodon and Seroquel have worked for me for over a decade.