Antipsychotics and behaviour-?

It is known that APs can eliminate/reduce symptoms of psychosis, but what about their impact on general behaviour?

I quote from a comment my sister made about the early years of my being ill.

but his behaviour did not frankly change much at first with whatever medication he was on.

This was while on first generation APs.

On second generation APs I’m less emotionally reactive . In fact it’s been said I’m emotionally flat . Apart from that I’m not sure I’ve changed much behaviourally.


I’ve changed. I’m more quiet and much less funny. I used to be quick with a joke but that has gone away since APs.

I am also isolating myself more than I used to. This is probably the schizophrenia though but me being less funny and more quiet I believe is medication related.

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I’m quieter, my friends when i was younger would say I was hardly serious. But first growing up then getting sick put on aps I lost my sense of humor. I’m suspicious of people too but that’s the illness not the meds.

I couldn’t talk to anyone right before APs, I had no way of socializing, then when I went on them, my family members noticed a significant improvement of me talking to them and not thinking everyone was against me or reading my mind.

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Depends on the dosing.

5mg haldol: there isnt much behaviour to speak of. Im a zombie staring into space.

2mg haldol: im a bit subdued, disinterested and calm in my behaviour.

0.5mg haldol: my friend recently commented that he always loves me, but he likes me better on this low dose. He says I have more of an edge, that im more playful, social and curious. Also more temperamental. I can be difficult.

0mg: as above. Or totally out of control in case of psychosis.

I think it is the different between colour and greytones.

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I’ve become a bit more flat since starting AP’s. I can’t cry, and I’m pretty ambivalent about most things.
But my parents say I seem more lucid and coherent now, and that I look healthier.

I find it hard to cry. It’s a once in a blue moon thing for me.

I’m a different person. More chill, not always angry and b!tchy. Used to be anything set me off and people wa lked on eggshells around me. My husband never knew how I would be day to day.

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