Did Aps take your personality away? Change you at all?

Just curious if u felt like they changed your personality? I know they dull you out, but how much?

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They took away the parts of my personality I liked the least, like my tendency to lash out for trivial reasons and my abnormal thought patterns.

I recently tried to taper off of risperidone for health reasons and even the relatively minor difference of being on 0.5 mg less of it saw me going on self-loathing rants that worried my loved ones, so I decided to not go AP-free altogether like originally planned; I’m going to try a different AP instead.


I’m really dull with my AP. I take loxapine and it really wipes me out.

A lot. Depending on the dose.

They dulled me out a bit, sure. I used to jump out of moving cars, get into bar fights, get spectacularly drunk and throw up, and hook up with strangers. Now I have a much quieter, less adventurous, and MUCH HAPPIER life.


I feel less spontaneous in my way of being compared to how I used to be. I feel like my brain is mildly suffocated.

They made me less eccentric in a good way. I don’t throw things at strangers anymore or try to prostitute myself out anymore lol

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No I wouldn’t go so far as to say it changed my personality. It just blunted me a bit. If anything changed my personality it was the illness and not the meds.

Yes, AP’s took away my super intense emotions. Like suicidal sadness, rages, physical and verbal violence, paranoia and hallucinations, intractable insomnia, hypersexuality. All for the better, I would say.


Yes of course. Most people dont understand or believe that personalities can change. But mine did.

AP’s have made me a lot quieter, more sedate and more passive and more cowardly and anxious (paranoid).

AP-s haven’t changed me at all - my personality was already taken away by my schizophrenia.


I think my personality is better on APs !!

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Haldol really dulled me out. Geodon and Seroquel don’t do that. All the ap’s weaken me physically, a lot. I hate that because I used to love to go backpacking, and now I can’t do that. All the ap’s disrupt my body temperature regulation mechanisms. I’m more susceptible to hypothermia in winter, and hyperthermia in summer. I hate it, but that is the price I have to pay for being sane.

They do some strange stuff to me but never cured any sz. I really should tell the doctor that more often, though she would probably just want to expirement on me some other way.

Yup, I used to be a lot more wild, used to self medicate with drugs and alcohol to help with symptoms, used to be obsessively delusional about the angels and dead I heard, used to have a lot more irrational anger outbursts due to symptoms.

I’m calmer, more at peace having less symptoms, better outlook on life, and more clarity to my thoughts.

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It got rid of my jealousy and insecurity.

they stopped me from idolising homelessness as a way of life, having sex all over the place sticking pins through my nail beds
driving while thinking an axe murderer was after me following violent command delusions, not being able to talk one normal sentence for 9 months at a time

I don’t feel as sexy as i did before on this particular med

I couldn’t keep a conversation, or basically any activity that requires some thinking, I couldn’t think properly, wouldn’t come up with any ideas, lost all creativity, couldn’t study, figure out stuff, etc. oh and gained like 50 pounds in 3 months :frowning:

Now luckily I’m meds-free (pdoc’s prescription) and everything is back to normal.

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