Anti semitism is annoying

I mentioned to my friend that I was half Jewish and he said “I really should give you more crap about that shouldn’t I?” And I say “no, because Jews are smart, and that’s the reason why I’m smarter than you and would verbally destroy you if you ever dared to be antisemetic again to me”. Well I didn’t say that but I did mention Jews are typically very intelligent. I mentioned Jews are an oppressed people and he said "what are you talking about, they own all the property in real estate how are they oppressed? “. I say that’s cuz they’re smart…and remember the holocaust? Remember how Jews were slaves for thousands of years? No I guess not because you know nothing about history…”. He is part German too so he really shouldn’t be being antisemetic… he also was very ignorant to the fact Jews make up only 3% of the world. He was like “REALLY???” Bigotry is the cousin of ignorance and his ignorance is the reason for his bigotry. Besides, Jesus aka god was born Jewish. So I don’t understand why people are so antisemetic. After all many a persons savior is Jewish… just pisses me off. Gotta hate all kind of bigotry. But when someone attacks you firsthand with ignorance it’s really frustrating. I will always have Jewish pride even though I was raised Catholic since I’ve been discriminated against many a times for being Jewish. Never really for the Italian and Irish in me. And these are historically oppressed groups too but i guess since my last name is Jewish I’m more to deal with the antisemetic nature of people then the anti Irish and Italian and catholic. This isn’t a religious post so don’t make it one!! This is about feeling oppressed. Just frustrating how people can be so ignorant

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I worked in orthodox Jewish firms for almost all of my professional career. I heard one guy once say jewsize my salary. Is that anti semetic?


I said something to a friend about his being Jewish when I was a kid and I’ve always regretted it and wondered why I said it. But, most kids don’t know any better. I wouldn’t say it today.


Ya, anti-semitism is pretty shitty.

I’m sorry to hear about this.


Maybe I’m biased but I almost think since most Jews are white it gives people the right they think it’s ok to be antisemetic. Don’t get its hurtful to be bigoted against any group. I know racism against Other racial groups and religious hatred against Other religions like Muslims is really bad still but I think a lot of ppl think it’s ok to be racist against Jews because they are successful in our current society but it’s still not ok imo. Well obviously. But people are desensitized to antisemitism often. They also call Muslims terrorists and black ppl the n word so maybe it’s not different but I just feel many peeps feel it’s ok to be antisemetic because of societal hierarchical reasons or something. Idk.

Not all jewish are sublime geniuses, of course, but you can’t deny the contribution of the Jewish people to human progress. Despite their lower numbers in the world population, they’ve consistently been awarded a significant percentage of the nobel prizes. Long live the Jews. I think antisemitism has it’s roots in envy.


Part of being Jewish is having a sense of humor about anti antisemitism.

We know we control the world,

Let them have some (shit) comments,



Just kidding!

Don’t let it get to you and don’t make generalizations yourself, not all Jews are smart and everyone else is not an idiot.

I really don’t encounter that much antisemitism, just people that want to show off their Jew jokes,

Probably the case with your friend.


I went to catholic school in college and that was when mental illness hit me really hard and I faced such a great deal of anti-Semitism from my little irish-catholic school (even though i’m irish and Italian and catholic and that was 95% of the population of the school) albeit my other half is jewish and so was my last name, so I guess I’m kinda bitter about that. People took advantage of my feeble mindstate at the time and tried to make it slightly a religious thing so yeah that pissed me off…

Oh well I’m better now.

My cousins father is Jewish and hes supposedly a genius but hes spent most his life in prison/jail. So even if the worst examples of Jews are real smart it enforced the stereotype that we all are smart. I also read on a forum once a whole post about the stereotype that jews are smart and whatnot and that influenced me.

When I went to Olympia, Washington people are warned me about the anti-Semitism there because of the pro-Palestinian agenda of the school…but the anti-Semitism was non-existent in comparison to what I faced in catholic school IMO. But maybe they were just preying on the weak in any way they possibly could at that time in my life.


in todays day and age jews are generally considered white. especially ashkenazi jews. white ppl are at the top in america. what reason do you really have to be acting like you’re persecuted man? everyone knows certain industries like film are all jewish. seriously every famous actor is jewish! you guys have great representation.

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Still doesn’t make it right. Just like reverse racism.


I agree.

When people think of Jews they think rich and smart.

That’s not the case,

But I’ll take it all day.

Of course it doesn’t make it right to generalize or make jokes,

But I don’t feel like we’re being actively persecuted like black people or Muslims.


maybe its more my mental illness that causes me to feel persecuted, but they shoved it in my face that I’m jewish too. because they pray on the weak like I said. I used to have to lie to teachers at my school and say I wasn’t jewish because I was so ashamed. But that was after a near decade of trauma I was kinda ashamed of being anything. I didn’t look in a mirror for 4 years of my life throughout high school.

I guess I was paranoid when a teacher asked “are you ____________” I immediately felt they were persecuting me…its just the question at that school mostly was “are you jewish???” and I said no I’m catholic every time because of persecution.

got nose jokes, cheap jokes, YOURE RICH…in a negative way…drove me crazy man for many years and ended up in the hospital 9 times in a 5 year span. So yeah maybe I’m a bad example but I’ve been a victim of anti-Semitism. It aint right because theres no guarantee the person your calling negative things has thick enough skin. I do now, but I didn’t then. Besides, I have racial identity issues and whatnot, ive been discriminated against for my racial delusions so I have a better idea than most white people what its like to be hated on for being black…not saying its any better. Just don’t hurt people its not that hard IMO. Why cant people just be nice? Its not that hard…

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Anti Semitic hatred is awful and so is racism or bigotry of any kind.


We should stop judging people for their race, it is irrelevant if someone is jewish, american, african, chinese, german… Everyone is different, every prejudice (even positive stereotypes based on racist premises) is wrong.


I think most prejudice can be due to ignorance, fear or envy. Sometimes people just make jokes cause they think it’s funny to razz somebody. I got a lot of jokes for being 1/2 Irish, drunken Irish, bad tempered Irish, etc.

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