im taking anti depressants 11years there called seroxat 40mg, do you take any? and whats the name of them?

I use to take Wellbutrin xl 150 for a couple of years but I stopped taking them about 18 months ago.

cant take them. they give me migraines. so when im sad i just have to muddle through on my own.

Antidepressants do not work for me. Either that or I get some mania from them.

Have been on almost all antidepressants that are on the market. Paxil or seroxat was my first. It worked well when I was 22…now im 34 and it wouldnt work.

I take 30 mg of Remeron (mirtazapine). I’ve been taking it for 8 years, and it works wonderfully for me. It also helps my insomnia quite a bit.



@andypr You have been on my mind the last couple of days. How are things progressing for the Clozapine?

Hi Barbie, how are you? Good to hear from you. Where I am it is a Sunday, and so tomorrow I will go get some blood work done. I then have another psychiatrist appointment on Friday where I apparently will sign some paperwork, etc. I hope to be on clozapine the following week. So there should be only 8 days or a bit more to go until I start. I have been a bit emotional this early morning (it’s 2:49am here) about my future…I’m worried that Clozapine won’t work. I worry about hearing voices for the rest of my life. I hear voices constantly, and my voice is a relentless speaker who is often critical of me. He is very difficult to live with. I have been on Haldol for the past few weeks, and it hasn’t done anything. Usually I take risperidone and this does not do anything for my voices. I’m actually on both Risperdal and Haldol at the moment. I might be on both Risperdal and clozapine or just clozapine when things change in a week but I’m unsure. Often it is hard to go without Risperdal as I go into withdrawals…

Hearing voices is scary…because it’s so much about control of your life, and how you feel, etc. If I heard voices that talked about things I didn’t care about I wouldn’t care so much but my voice has the knack of talking about the things I want to hear of the least. I just really hate hearing, but it’s been part of my world for the past 7 years.

I see Clozapine as the last drug that I’ll take for voices. There is nothing else on the market that will likely work. The only way in the future I’d try something else is if there was a new drug to hit the market and this can take years.

Thanks for your interest. I am sort of worried about it not working, because it can mean a lifetime of hearing stuff I don’t want to hear.

I’m good. I will add my good thoughts (vibes) to wishing you some relief from the voices. My son is currently on Risperdal 1 mg too so you should be able to take both at the same time. I can only empathize with what it is like to hear negative voices 24/7. Have you ever looked up Eleanor Longden and her approach to her voices?

Hi, yes I have… I’ve read an article about her so I’m familiar with her general story. I think at the time it wasn’t clear to me as to whether or not she still heard voices or not. But a good read in any event.

It’s good to know your son is on 1mg Risperdal + clozapine. I take about 2mg Risperdal, which is still a low dose, and this is enough to take the edge off things and also get me to sleep. I’ve gone as low as 1mg Risperdal late last year but after a while I just couldn’t sleep and I just needed a bit more to feel more level headed. That said Risperdal does not have any effect on my voices. I’m hoping clozapine can at least cause my voice to retract and speak less often or at less volume. Even a 20% improvement in my voice condition would mean a 50% improvement in my quality of life. But I seem to be super resistant to medicine (so far)…