Anti depressant Vs Testosterone booster

I’m here to tell you that ever since I started my testrovax pills I felt more confident less depressed. Makes me think I can take a testosterone supplement and it have the effects of an anti depressant pill with less side effects! Now look up human growth hormone, funny word I guarantee you unless you haven’t heard it is not what you think. I found that my test supplement did away with low self esteem problems I was having. My libido isn’t raging in fact it feels normal. I can greet people with high self esteem. It makes me think maybe psyche care isn’t the way it should be but with actual hormones in the body that can be manipulated with bodybuilding supplements may help you overcome your blues. Plus exercise is healthy for you duh. Heads up I wouldn’t say the same for androgenic steroids how ever Natural test boosters I give a thumbs up to. It has really helped me out. I’m 32 and after 30 testosterone begins to dwindle but where HGH human growth hormone comes in, the pituitary gland stops excreting in adolescent. But taking the supplement turns its action on again this is real science. Providing many benefits increase energy level, faster recovery time, younger looking skin. That is all I could tell u all good luck, and have a good life.

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Hey there,do you think it’s permanent or temporary,because mirtazapine helped me for 2 great months,best months I ever lived,but now the effect if gone I am still trying to figure out how to help myself again

little known fact- unneeded test boosters make your balls shrink. I have a total T count of 499, which is well below average, but my psyche is slightly psychopathic, thrill seeking, loves sex and violence, relatively low empathy save for fellow schizophrenics, and an obsession with exercise which started when I was 10.

You would assume that I have high T but its in the lower 30%. The normal range is 350-1100, mine is 499. I am debating whether a T booster in a low low dose would help my drowsiness and help me workout without having to take a double dose of preworkout and blast metal on the drive to the gym.

I might call my psychiatrist and ask him. I thought of it right after I saw him today. Oh well, I know I need to eat and sleep well, Ive got that covered. I am making rapid gains in strength without gaining much weight, im 171 now, so I will have to diet or dehydrate and fast before weighing in for competitions to make 165.5

But HGH is not natural dude. If its not allowed in the olympics I dont think you should take it.

You said you benched 275 3 or five times a while back, you dont need HGH. That can make your hormones go apeshit when stacked with T and make you psychotic or go into fits of rage.

When I was a kid I had fits of rage. Seriously there are holes in the walls of my house. That was when I was right into puberty and horny, outcast and generally a mess, I wore all black and listened to slipknot and drew pictures of stick people killing each other. Junior high was such a fun time. LOL.

But seriously you might go nuts if you stack T and HGH and arent having erectile dysfunction or very low energy levels. I remember you saying you dont drink caffeine but workout, and now youre in MMA.

You seriously dont need it. If you want a mood boost, get an antidepressant from a doctor who knows about your history with schizophrenia. I forgot if you are on an antipsychotic, I assume so because you make perfect sense and do healthy things and dont complain about symptoms ever. That will make the HGH and T have dampened effects but still…playing with fire bro.

Ive had too many hormones and raged out. Not good times. That’s how I broke my right hand three times and got it cut open in two places and had stitches. Now its ossified and scarred. Trust me when all of the HGH and T hits you, you will feel like you want to do horrible things and it might trigger psychosis.

I know its improving your mood and energy but dude, I have been there with hormones and it was ugly and I beat a kid up one time quite brutally. He deserved it, everyone took my side, but still, it makes you dangerous. I was 13 at the time and didnt know crap about fighting and didnt lift heavy weights. If I were to rage out on someone today, with the body of a powerlifter and a brain trained in Krav Maga, they would be dead. I just want you to know that what you’re taking can make stuff like that happen against your will.

I like to see your posts, youre doing great, but I have to warn you about HGH and T. Steroids are a different story, they will without a doubt give you rage and psychosis, but HGH stacked with T is also quite risky and I seriously doubt a psychiatrist would give you the green light on that.

I want to take a little test to make me less sedated and a little testy. But I am considering a LOW dose. just enough to move me from the 30% to the 80%, a T count of say 900 versus my current below average total of 499. But I will have to ask my psychiatrist. If he says no, I wont make that trip to the supplement shop.

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little known fact- unneeded test boosters make your balls shrink.

oh my gosh, this is funny :slight_smile:

So u think when my clinic takes my lithium blood work they could also tell me my T level if I requested it? You got to remember your still in your 20’s mortimer. At that age T booster are of no effect because when I was 20 my muscle growth was naturally insane. Then I noticed when I was going serious in the gym at 32 my gains were ■■■■. Then I took a T booster and it worked in like 3 days numerous people were complimenting me on my physique. I wear a lot of tank tops now why coz why not show my results I worked hard to gain? I researched actual steroids like D-Bol, Anadrol, the side effect can be detrimental but so can haldol. Some people don’t even get side effects at their dose of haldol. Just like a few bodybuilders I know are side effect free at the dose of the steroids. If I were to take D-bol I’d start out at 10mg, right when the androgenic effect starts to kick in. But I won’t because I also take lithium which is hepatotoxic. The natural t boosters don’t work their mechanism like the old steroids do they are not toxic to liver. There is also a estrogen testosterone balance you want to keep. Both women and men have estro and testro. Testro too much can make women grow manly hair, get gay men sounding more like males or just the right amount can get them shredded and sexy. Estrogen in guys is known to cause for excess pectoral tissue fat. I could probably do 315lb for some reps I got to try because I use creatine also and was on the incline pressing up 225lb like it was nothing. But that scared my perception like where is all this extra power coming from. Didn’t feel natural because for the longest 225lb bench I’d struggle with. I have a BB buddy who is going to do the NPC Georgia competition and he says he his test is so high he feels like ■■■■■■■ all the time. Now I suspect he is on some androgenic steroid like dianabol. But he never says. But his physique is just swole and he is pretty confident but carries it well not too confident. People react to others self esteem, either showing low self esteemers sympathy or just talking loud as hell. But I haven’t noticed nothing detrimental in my T booster. It only says 42% increase on the bottle so its not like T is going thru the roof. But just that 42% boost has shown improvement in muscle aesthetic.

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Oh well 42% is mild. You should be good. You know about the consequences of high T, increased estrogen and man boobs so you know what youre doing.

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actually I sure seroquel and somehow I believe it hold on to my fat. because stored in fat is this thing called Armatose not sure but it converts T into estrogen. The more fat I have the unhealthy my natural T is. I felt horrid like T toxicity so i stopped. I was very pissed and held onto my grudges. There is a way possible thru very very hard work and nutrition to lose my gut I truly believe. I wear tanks and my shoulders look defined because I train and recover. But my mid section is out of whack. It is not terribly bad but trying to get below my plateau of 240 lbs I’m doing hour cardio sessions. And not play ball as much because of the impact and prone to acl injury. I seen guys at our gym lean out. I know some who take dbol coz their gains are unreal. Natural is the way to go but I do think supplements are too. I mean they are mostly ingredients found in plants naturally occurring that can boost T the non synthetic way. I’d use to build and destroy my body when methamphetamine was in my system now I must learn things like norepinephrine. Serotonin dopamine it’s all very interesting. And by studying bodybuilding science you learn the function of what these do. So much to become educated on. I really hope scientists find like a herb hint hint cannabis CBD in very high concentration to treat if not cure mental illnesses brought on by diseases. I hope god is watching coz the world needs this.

Fish oil is good for getting rid of your gut, and it might have antipsychotic effects. Much simpler than steroids too.

Yeah I talked to a 65 yr old at the gym he said fish oil lowered his cholesterol by 60. So it is a wise supplement to invest in. But I would not quit my seroquel for fish oil alone. That would be foolish. Steroids enhance fat loss if you are training for soccer, basketball or running on treadmill. It makes you a better athlete. But in larger amounts its toxic to the liver. But I don’t disagree with anyone taking a small dose of dianabol, 25mg or less. 50mg is what the lifters normally take. And I’ve seen acne all on this one guys back. Sources say 25mg is the minimum at which steroid d-bol causes superior gains in muscle development. Even at 10mg you may notice a slight advantage and a lot less damage to your liver. But at that dose in the body the androgenic effects starts. Your welcome for my research.

There’s a book called The Testosterone Factor by Shafiq Qaadri that describes non chemical ways of boosting testosterone. The book has 10 or 15 tips in all but I only implemented three of them, loose boxer shorts, loose pants and sleeping with my lower half bare. After doing these three things for about 3 weeks everyone started asking me if I had lost a lot of weight, but I had been monitoring myself with a scales and I had infact gained 10 lbs and my % body fat had increased by 2% (I’m not overweight). I guess I had redistributed everything to a younger self.

Also a couple of people who I hadn’t met in 4 years told me that I looked younger than 4 years ago. Now people probably wouldn’t make that comment unless I looked a good deal younger, maybe. My mood was much less grumpy and I had more interest in girls, always a welcome boost, and they seemed to have more interest in me, even better.

Hope this helps.

I understand why you would want to take a test supplement. Im 32 and cant grow muscle like when I was 25. Was very easy back then. I doubt however that a natural supplement will help much, even though I take one on/off myself.

It takes a combination of multiple natural supplements to become effective, For example, DAA, DHEA, Sarcosine, 5HTP, GABA, Tribulus, fenugreek. And the dosage has to be enough to stimulate the T boost. There are supplements that are called Anti-Aromatase it’s an anti estrogen anti aromatase complex. If you have moobs running and supplementation will rid of that. Its happening to me. I took risperdal which put only slight fat tissue around pecs, a lot went away when I went on 800 mg seroquel. Now I believe I can get it all off. You got to believe just because you take a weight gain medicine you’ll have to deal with the fat the rest of your life. It takes research in supplementation which is exercise physiology. First is the motivation to workout and the right nutrition. Adequate rest. And go for it again. I’m close to my goal.

I will look into these anti aromatase supplements.

No, it’s just a supplement, not a substitute for medication.