Too much testosterone symptoms

We think we want high testosterone to help with our moods. But its a balance and trial finding the optimum level of testosterone to help a sza patient. If you are taking testosterone boosters or experimenting with test levels, be aware you may have symptoms of agitation, tense panic attacks. You want to settle and calm down but we all know that it is impossible thing to do. The advice is if you are so afraid like you feel you will be eaten or something is going to get you. Get quickly to your most relaxing spot. Jog in place a little bit, in front of a cool fan, tell yourself that you are the best, And that in 2 hours it will all pass. Just keep doing things, sort your clothes do some work, but just don’t lie down. Because lying down the feelings of someone is going to eat you may increase. And do something you wouldn’t normally do, drink a beer. A good neighbor gave that advice. I hadn’t had a cold one in a while, and that was the trick. The symptoms faded.

Recovery goes on and on

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It’s nice to see you again…

I think balance is a great goal to get behind.

Thanks for the ideas as well.

Hope all is well.

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Hi Surprised J glad to see you still surviving. My ideas are solely for the benefits of others. And I back them by my own trials and hard enduring times. All is well, at the moment… Stay sane my friend.

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I dont screw with testosterone, my doctors thought I had like off the chart test but I got bloodwork done and they found out mine is well below average. I’m just crazy its not hormones. This was right after I showed my psychologist a video of me lifting five hundred pounds repetitively and I myself weighed less than one seventy at the time so he was concerned.

But my ziggy still gets a big smile for things that make other ziggies happy, so that’s good.

I would just train hard and drink carb and protein supplements while you train instead of test boosters. Test boosters can make your testicles shrink and can also make you produce too much estrogen to try to keep homeostasis or whatever they called it in that class, im a little fuzzy doo dah right now.

I am questionably sane, I believe that I am infamous and that tiny hidden cameras are in my room and my car and in my house and am hallucinating an awful lot and can’t tell when people actually said something or not, I have a delusion called Truman’s syndrome but I actually believe in it.

Hello everybody! If you are reading this, I have an average ziggy! But you already keow that from watching me for the past few years. And you know that I am bisexual. And you know that I like redheads, like way too much to where it is a problem. I have issues, subscriptions, volumes.