Another year

Another year trapped in this place, this awful disgusting place called earth.

If i had a time machine i’d go back and i’d cut off my dad’s balls before i was forced into this horrible place.

This diseased place, repeating pains, repeating repeating repeating, meaningless ■■■■, horrible weather, torture chamber called earth.

Morbid crazy physical plane with horrible morbid crazy physical body.

Another ■■■■■■■ year trapped in this ■■■■ hole.

Give me a super volcanoe or something, i’d ■■■■■■■ cackle as it drowned me in it’s ashes, i’d laugh at the death of this awful place and because i knew no one else would get stuck here. Bring it on, set us free.

Don’t want to wake up here anymore. In this filthy ■■■■■■■ planet anymore. This hateful place of nothingness. ■■■■ this place. Get rid of it all.

You’ll know what i mean when you start to go under, the pain grows and grows and you know you are done. Your face begins to sink beneath the quick and you are forgotten as everyone else who came before us. Bad feelings.

May my heart stop soon.

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Happy new year Pans.

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As I was driving home the other day, after being cut-off by a truck and treated rudely in the supermarket, I thought, again, about why I’m here. People die every day. By the handfuls in some places. Are we really supposed to believe that we’re more important or special than anyone in the world? All humans are equal in value and yet some live and die in horrible circumstances and no one blinks.
But, hey, cheer up @pansdisease. You are here, your street isn’t being bombed (I’m assuming) and you have access to the internet.


Another year, another opportunity.

Happy New Year.


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