Another psychosis

Ive been having trouble lately, about a week ive been slipping in and out of psychosis, more in than out. Ive lost all interest in anything, my roomate is an amazing chef and he cooked a really good breakfast, i took one bite and it just tasted gross to me even though ive eaten the same meal before and it was amazing, but today it just tasted so gross i couldnt even chew it up, i immediately spit it out and apologized, but he understood. My brain hurts, hell my whole body hurts and feels super uncomfortable, it feels like my skin is trying to crawl away, and my thoughts are occupied by an overwhelming urge to just die and finally be done with it, im not going to do that but its certainly on my mind. I went catatonic for about 20 min the other day, and the way my arms were wrapping around my body my right shoulder still hurts. This mental illness is so horrible i just wish no one ever had to go through it

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Mental illness is a tough gig. Are you on any medication at the moment ?

Nope, medication has only ever intensified the sympyoms, and took away all emotion except anger, to the point where i would punch my friends in the face just for joking around as we always do

Sorry to hear that. That happened to me on one medication. But there’s a ton of different meds out there. So don’t give up hope. I eventually found one that worked for me.

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Ive already tried a bunch, granted its been a long time and new meds have come out since then, but i generally dislike side effects and they all have horrible side effects, im actually completely against pharmacuedical medications for anything with the exception of antibiotics because in general the side effects and negative health effects tend to be, in my opinion worse than what they treat (or try to treat) but thank for chatting with me i do appreciate it, and reading others experiencea here and being able to talk with people who ubderstand is starting to help me feel a little bit better

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I agree with everhopeful: there is a medication without harmful side effects for you. It took me a lifetime to find it, but I’m on it now and it works seamlessly.

Well the most im willing to agree to now is to do more research into newer meds and consider it. Probably wont go back on meds, but research and consideration is a good first step i suppose. Also trying to get into therapy, but i moved to a different county so my health insurance is giving me issues, and i found some schizophrenia and other mental illness support groups that have weekly meetings so im trying to get intona habbit of checking those out. I have a schizophrenic ex girlfriend i talk to when things go really bad for me, we both got diagnosed with schizophrenia at the same time but her family made her move across country before i got out. Also have a very supportive ex lover i used to party with who also has mental issues, we both help each other, and my roomates are very supportive