Another man faking mental illness/defect to get out of paying for his crime

This guy was ‘diagnosed’ with a form of mental retardation/defect by a doctor who did not meet him until 2.5 years AFTER she wrote to say he was defective.

This sickens me.

as a note I DO NOT support the death penalty, except in extreme circumstances

This sucks. There are some who come by once in a while and try and “mingle” without any clue on what sz is just to hide their crimes.

Why is this in recovery btw?

i wasn’t sure where to put it actually XD

Diagnosed or lounge :slight_smile:

I’ve heard that insanity defenses for murder rarely work. I think the burden of proof is that a person has to be so deranged that he couldn’t tell right from wrong at the time he committed his crime. That is hard to prove. Successful insanity defenses usually just happen in the movies. I think there are advantages to having mental illness in the criminal courts, though. If you have a record in the mental health system, and you’re not violent, you are more likely to go into the mental health system than prison. With all the guys in prison who have been proven innocent by dna evidence, I don’t think we can apply the death sentence fairly. We’ve probably executed a few innocent people.