Another lonely Friday evening

I am feeling a little tired and slightly depressed. I am spending this evening alone as I always do. I have not gone to any bars or restaurants in over one decade or more. There is one pub near my place (just 100 meters from my place) and I have not gone there since 2003 when I took my father there. Well my father died over three years ago. I am just feeling depressed.

How are you?


Sorry you’re down. I’m feeling depressed too @mjseu .

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I am saddened to hear that you are a little depressed and send you good wishes.

Do you not go to the pub for memories of your father? Or something else.

If you need to socialise then a little visit might not be so hard and could be rewarding.

I hope you fill your time with something constructive otherwise.

All the best! :slight_smile:

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I haven’t had social life for years
But I’m not bothered now as long as I’m ok with mental health
When virus gone I will go out more and try make some freinds
Why don’t you go out and find some company

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When you think about it
Not everyone out there is going out having fun
Some people are lying in a hospital bed or homeless some people have no money

Sometimes I meet people when I ride my bicycle. Also at the grocery store I may see some people when I sit there on the bench.


I hope you will meet people soon it is very hard
Where I live it’s hard to make friends because I feel like outsider because I wasn’t born here

Sorry to hear…the last week i haven’t spoken to a single person. It’s getting on my nerves, so i understand how you feel.

Hope you find some company.

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Actually I have been texting a news local freind who I met through a ladies social website we are going to meet after lockdown


Some people don’t have tv or internet or phone even

If you actually have a place in th planet you are lucky because some people don’t


I am alone this evening too.

Sorry you’re feeling low about it.

Once all this Covid-19 stuff passes us by, hopefully we can all try and get out there a bit more.

Being lonely isn’t good for anyone. I really wish I’d managed to keep my friends, but I was acting out pretty bad when I was psychotic, and they left me

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I’ve been alone Friday nights over 3 years. And most of the last 30 years.

I have been alone for ever. Omg its so sad.

Sending you good vibes @mjseu

Me too. It’s hard to be a social wonder when I have to take the tranquelizer pill every day. Not that I ever have been extrovert, but the meds make it even harder.

I am alone on the weekends because my Mom goes to her boyfriends house but at least I have the kitties


I had a good night sleep and I am feeling better now. Just having my morning coffee after taking my meds and having some breakfast.


@mjseu Glad you’re feeling better.

Do you live in the states?