Sometimes I am tired of being alone

I am alone most of my time, especially evenings can be difficult. It has been 10 years since I went to a restaurant or a bar and I do not socialize much with people. I do not really want to go to any bars or restáurants. In the winter it gets worse because I can not ride my bicycle so much and see people in that way. I am glad we have this forum where I can come and communicate my thoughts.


Being lonely sucks. I’m sorry. I rely pretty heavily on this forum and Facebook too talk to internet friends and keep me from being too lonely.


im in the same situation guygs…this site is all i have

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Don’t go to bars they suck bunch of drunk people alkoholics…

Maybe try some bicycle tours or clubs try to find
Some group hiking idk
Be positive and dream for friends and you will have good luck :wink:


Or go to some chill out classes like some free seminars or something
Motivational seminars
Meditation classes or yoga if you like
Find what’s going on in your area and go

I don’t socialize much outside of this forum. I spend a lot of time here. I live with my parents and they’re the only people i see on a daily basis.

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