Another book i own! read this one in the hospital

this is probably my favorite book i own, it’s really well layed out and has a lot of info, for awhile i thought i would get into natural therapies and herbalism, unfortunately the book has nothing about schizophrenia, although i have heard of a couple plants that may help, but their names elude me right now. i had this one in the boring hospital and would browse through it for hours.



I took 2 nutrition classes in university, one core one elective. The core one was more on physiology of nutrients. The elective one was about supplements like fish oil etc Definitively very interesting.

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this used to be my go to reading when i was bored. but i doubt i’ve opened the book in over a year, my distractions now are basketball and politics.

it’s mostly for common ailments, like high cholesterol, ED, and there is even a hair loss section for me. the book seperates the herbs by continent, most of the good stuff is from india haha. i forget a lot of what i’ve read, so maybe i will start to read it again if i have the motivation. i have owned this book for 4 years or so.

i have highlighted in the book, herbs that will grow locally in my climate.

I like natural treatments. Although, I tried the naturopathic treatment for allergies and I developed hives all over my body. I’m allergic to the treatment for allergies lol! Kind of funny.

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