Anonymous posts

I’m in some groups that allow anonymous posts, and I was thinking maybe it could be discussed whether it could be a feature here.
If it can’t be implemented in the forum code, maybe members who wished to stay anonymous could message mods who then posted on their behalf?

I definitely have some things I’d like to ask the forum without it being traceable

I think it is already anonymous here, since we all use nicknames, nobody knows who you are, feel free to post whatever you like :slight_smile:


The software doesn’t allow for anonymous posts, as far as I know. As for giving the mods another extra responsibility, I would have to say no thanks. We do a lot on here and I don’t want to be responsible for making anonymous posts also.

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I think you can ask questions here without people knowing who you are, it is pretty safe here

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I don’t know if I like the idea, I could see it being abused, and a whole hassle of extra issues.

I feel secure that no one will judge me like that here.

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