Anna with an A

My birthname is Anna.
In Denmark, people can’t hear whether the last letter is an a or an e, so a lot of Danish people have adressed me as Anne. In my hometown in Norway, there were a lot of Arabic immigrants. Their version of the name is Hanna.
Now I live in a country with a lot of russian speakers, and they say Anya.

You’d think a name with only two different letters would be easy to get right :thinking: but then again, that depends on what you think is right, I guess.

Even when I did chat support and my name automatically was next to every message I sent, half the clients called me Anne.

My chosen name, Miika, seems easier to get right. Sure, some people leave out the extra ‘i’, but I can understand that.
A few people have read it as Milka, but that’s the name of a chocolate I like, so that’s okay :smiley:

Do yall have any troubles with your names?


I have a very common American name.

It was the #1 name of 1985,

The year of my birth.

My mom doesn’t score points for originality in that department,

But she’s great otherwise, so I let it go.

No, no one ever messes up my name because it’s so familiar.


I have a lot of trouble with my name. My birth name is a variation of a much more common name, so 90% of the time people called me the other variation, instead. My current name is much easier, but somehow people still screw it up.


I like the name Anna. I used to know a really nice Anna at work.

Yes, people don’t know how to pronounce my name.

And it is a hard name to remember as it’s not something like Emma or Rosie.

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Yes. I was born in Romania. My family name ends in “cu” (read like “coo” in English) which is pretty common in my home country. But when living in France I hate it when French people pronounce it like “cue” which sounds almost like the French word for “butt”.


It kind of sucks that I took Mr. Star’s last name, because EVERYONE misspells our last name. My old last name had zero mistakes ever.

My last name is a latinized variation of a common scandinavian last name, and everyone gets it wrong. Some people add weird endings to it like -ussen.


My last name gets misspelled by a lot of people. First name in never spelled wrong


Reading and spelling are fairly easy in Romanian because what you see is what you get, aka we read letter by letter, each letter has the same sound regardless of its position in the word. (There are 2 small exceptions but that’s all).

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My father named me david as spoken in english, I call myself dawid as spoken in german, and my family calls me dawídt as spoken in polish.

There I have my identity crisis from :smiley: .

Oh, and one friend called me once dave. But that’s a no go on me.

I have a brother named Thomas and he absolutely despises it when people call him Tom or Tommy.
I sometimes call him Tomaas just to mess with him tho


I have so much trouble with my name. No one gets it right. Even my parents don’t agree on how to pronounce it my mother says the first letter is a hard E and my father says it makes an Uh sound. Lol

My old last name was a fake last name, technically. When my Jidoo came over here, the immigration officer asked him “What’s your first name?” and he told them. Then he asked “what’s your last name?” but he didn’t understand the word last, so he just repeated his first name again. Thus, he became [First name] [First name] and the rest of us took that as our last name. Apparently this is pretty common with Arabic immigrants, as evidenced by my phlebotomist Jafar J. Jafar who said he had a similar story.

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My first name is super easy, so people rarely mess it up.

It originates from a Catholic/Christian saint that helped carry Jesus then got his sainthood demoted.

We can’t catch a break, can we?



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My last name is in Gaelic but simple to remember. I have to always spell it when I tell people my last name, so much so it’s habit now.

My first name is pretty standard so no one messes that up.

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People often mishear or misremember my name as one in particular that is very similar in sound. If I go to Starbucks, half the time it’s what ends up written on my cup.

People also want to pluralize my last name.

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I’ve got to admit I love my first and middle name, my last name is a bit off though. I can live with it, but, it’s just not what I would have chosen lol

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My first name is a common English/American name.
My last name is hard for people to make out, it’s an Albanian surname.

It’s quite unique here in the States but probably pretty common in Albania.


My first name is Italian even though I’m not at all Italian. A lot of people, amazingly, get the spelling of it wrong even though 98% of people with my first name spell it my way.

Absolutely no one, except Spanish speakers, can pronounce my last name correctly.