Animals....are easier for me

I have no problem befriending animals wild or other peoples pets…example tamed a wild grown male coon…which none thought I could do…their unstable at best being mature male and kind of grouchy…one more the neighbors dog had to be moved away from the other dogs and further from their house…due to it attacking the other dogs and its owners…the neighbor bet I couldn’t befriend it…it tried to bite me…I grabbed its neck swept its legs out from under it…flipped it on its back and growled at it…no actual pressure was applied to its throat…and I didn’t hurt it flipping it…its a German Shepherd coyote mix…anyway since that display of dominance it has become my buddy…the neighbor thinks its funny I own his dog now…but I suck at people…whats up with that…

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Always wanted a dog, but to much for me working and looking after one

Try not flipping the people and growling at them, it kinda has the reverse affect…?
Maybe offer a nice hot cup of coffee and a sandwich instead.


I can pet geese…skunks possums…squirrels…owls…snakes poisonous or other wise have never tried to bite me and don’t mind me holding them…though I do run off the cotton mouths instead of playing with them now that I’ve got a little one…don’t trust snakes with my kid…

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I love dogs but they are a lot of responsibility.
Not ready for another one.
I’ve got too much on my plate right now.

Lol that trick is only required for violent offenders…I know it works on persons trying to attacking me…but I apply a lot more pressure to a human attackers throat…you hold the veins in the neck not the air intake…works much faster…most people calm down after being rendered unconscious… Just don’t hold it longer than it takes to make them go limp…


That sounds like I’m violent…I’ve only had to do this twice outside of training…I don’t like getting hit…and I’d prefer to knock someone out as to bloody up my fists and their face…and risk infection or teeth…it seems the kindest way to fend someone off…

Hehehe…you must have been in on one of my intakes, thought you sounded familiar.

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Don’t understand what you mean lol…

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Ha! For a minute I thought you were talking about @velociraptor :grin:

Nah pixel was easier…flip him over and rub his belly and whisper serial killer jokes in his ear and he falls fast asleep…I almost wrote out one of the jokes I think he would laugh at…but I would be flagged and put on vacation…

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If you’re so good with animals, how do you keep them from stealing your robe?