Anhedonia is bad

The evidence suggests that Amisulpride doses of 100-300mg are beneficial for negative symptoms

As regards Wellbutrin, you are right that the extra dopamine in the synaptic spaces would be agonised by abilify - I’m guessing this would actually have a beneficial effect but it’s best to consult with your pdoc as to the best course of action

Hope you find a combination that works for you soon.

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For me positive emotions are blunted. That was the situation pre Consta which makes me doubt it’s a medication effect.

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the negative emotions are just as bad as ever though, its really hard to get through

For me since the Consta I have a less intense emotional reaction to negative stimuli.

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i would say my reaction to all stimuli is blunted if you want to put it that way, but more in a “cognitive dulling” sort of sense. like everything is hazy and out of focus emotionally. very strong emotions will break through sometimes, just never the positive ones

My reaction to negative stimuli is still stronger than my reaction to positive stimuli but both now are rather blunted.

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I also have this. I find a walk helps. For some reason I get a smidge of enjoyment from a walk and it gives me a bit more motivation.

It’s not much. But it is a little

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i have a hard time initiating things, so walking is almost out of the question, i certainly pace around the house though but that is akathisia.

i used to take many walks when i was trying to lose weight, even then i felt no sense of accomplishment at the end of them, that aspect of it has always been nonexistant since i developed the illness

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Perhaps talk this over with your doctor because after you have done something worthwhile whether you enjoyed it or not I think at least a sense of accomplishment should be there and proud of yourself.

Maybe a different activity would give you the sense of accomplishment rather than walking. IDK. But it does sound like it really is anhedonia. But don’t fret. Years ago I had 3 severe years of it and it has got better somewhat. So it can.

Small steps.

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3 severe years is really a long time to me, i haven’t even been diagnosed that long!

I’ll add to my post. That most the time though I don’t really enjoy something I see the purpose of it and point to it. So that’s why I do it. And after doing it I feel good about having done it.

So there are other benefits of doing things rather then enjoying them. Like purpose, benefits, how you will feel afterwards.

We are different as we get older. I think we put too much emphasis on enjoying something. Yes it’s important to enjoy something. But other thing importantly too.

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It was too long. I was left in a state abroad in a terrible condition I shouldn’t have.

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i feel bizarrely empty, or even unsatisfied after i have completed anything, i never feel that sense of accomplishment which i should…

which is to be expected with negative symptoms, they are, after all, the lack of normal emotional experiences

it was actually worse earlier in my illness when i was on zyprexa, now it has come back

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I used to feel zero sense of accomplishment too

Have you tried mantras? You can tell your brain that you feel good or that you’re feeling the desired emotion and then proceed with the task - sort of like behavioural psychology

The hardest part is overcoming that brick wall that Anhedonia puts in front of you - for that I think it’s best to consult a therapist who can help you break that wall down


the thing is, i am getting things done on a day to day basis, it just doesn’t feel satisfying or gratifying

im doing things sort of aimlessly, and the things which once used to be meaningful for me have no meaning, things like reading books and watching movies, i simply don’t do those things anymore

i even neglect my obsessions now, nothing gets done when im experiencing anhedonia. i do activities but theyre always purposeless, leading me to think maybe its might be disorganized type symptoms.

i talk to people all the time, i walk around, superficially im okay, but if you probe a bit deeper nothing is going on

basically what im saying is that mantras could not help because i am doing things, pretty much all the time.

im leading a life for sure it is just not a full life

This sounds like a deficit in the reward system of the brain because you say that you do activities but you don’t feel satisfied after them


its possible i have elements of both disorganized and paranoid types. my family had many schizophrenics. possibly both types.

After reading this topic, it seems I struggle with anhedonia as well, like I tell people I enjoy something but deep down, it’s as if I feel nothing. I also get apathy in the mix and just don’t truly enjoy anything. I got a bit of avolition too but mostly on things like things I should enjoy…I mean I still go to work or shop from time to time but only because I have to, I don’t want to…some times I don’t wanna do either and just wish I could be in bed all day.
However, enjoying things has gotten a bit easier since I’ve been on Vraylar, I take in little pleasures since I’ve been on it. But due to my insurance not fully covering it anymore, I have to look for a medication switch…so I guess back to lack of enjoyment again.

positive symptoms make me forget my anhedonia…