Anhedonia from new brand of L-theanine maybe?

I think I’m developing anhedonia. I get no pleasure from music or movies anymore.

This seems to be a new development.

I have a suspicion that it’s a side effect of the new (and better) brand of l-theanine that I’m taking. I’m taking a whopping 800mg a day though.

It’s a pity if that’s the case as the new brand was doing such a good job of keeping my anxiety at bay.

I can’t cut back to 600mg a day either as they’re 400mg pills.


I had that on geodon. When i switched meds i feel a lot better. Good luck :raised_hands: Try new things?

I was like that for like a year

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Bro it might be due to sz…i don’t know if it due to theanine…consult ur pdoc about it…

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If the pills are the regular gel type you can open them up and pour half in a glass of water to separate them. Then just put it back together with the rest in it and save that for later. I do this quite a bit.

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Usually, schizophrenia-derived anhedonia occurs as early as the first psychotic break (and sometimes presents itself even before that without reaching a clinical threshold). In your case, after many years of the disease, it’s probably due to a recent change in medication…