Angry with my husband over something dumb, should I get over it or seek out an apology?

He has this special water bottle that’s really obnoxious.

It syncs up with your phone and you add flavors to it (via phone) from these little reservoirs in the bottom of it.

Plus, you have to drink out of it like a hamster,

Like suck the water out instead of pouring it in your mouth.

And it was expensive.

So I give him a hard time about the water bottle.

All that to say,

Last night we were in bed and I was thirsty and wanted some of his water because my glass was empty.

He said I couldn’t have any because I make fun of the bottle all the time and didn’t let me have a drink.

He could have been joking, but he didn’t give me the bottle either after I asked him if he was serious.

I got pissed, ignored him all night and went to sleep.

This morning he doesn’t seem to understand that I’m upset and want an apology.

It’s dumb, I know, but I’m hormonal right now, stress is freaking high with this virus crap and that was a dick move.

Should I just let it go or talk to him about it?

I feel stupid being all out of sorts about a water bottle, but at the same time,

Why didn’t he just share?


I’ll add a poll,

  • Get over it
  • Talk to him

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I would just let it go. There are way bigger things to worry about right now. A good saying is “Don’t go to bed angry” :crocodile::crocodile::crocodile:

I say talk to him but don’t allow your anger to linger.

You guys should talk, but remember that it isn’t actually about the water bottle. You are stressed with him over many things right now, and those should be the focus of your conversation.


I Once Had a Hamster as a Kid!.



It isn’t a Big Deal it Seems to Me in My Eye’s.

Jus Dust The Troubles Off Your Feet as You Focus on All The Good You Guys Have.


Probably not worth the effort waiting for an apology. I’d let it go for sake of peace.

Talk to him about it and get it off your chest.


id forget about it goldenrex…i think its cabin fever getting at you!

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Are you really upset because your husband isn’t giving you enough support? At first I couldn’t make up my mind about this one, but maybe you should talk to him. Let your husband know that you need his support.

just go and get the water from the fridge , put ice cubes in it

it was wrong that he denied you water when you really needed it…that was wrong and he should apologize.

I think he was letting you know he’s hurt and angry that you make fun of something he really likes, though I’m not sure he’ll admit that. I’d tell him I’m sorry for making fun of his cup. If he asks why you’re apologizing, tell him it’s because his actions were passive aggressive and showing he’s upset. Then let him know you were also hurt by his refusal to let you have water. Just don’t say, “I’m sorry I made fun of your cup BUT…”. That negates everything.

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I think it’s all repressed bitterness towards your husband about having his mother live with you.

Not exactly the same, but I had a similar experience with my partner like 5 years ago and it still bothers me sometimes. I asked for help and they didn’t help me because of something dumb. It wasn’t malicious just like your husband not giving you water wasn’t malicious, but it still hurt all the same.

IDK. Pick your battles. Not judging your husband because I don’t know the whole picture but not giving you water was a little childish and petty. It seemed a little like a power trip but hey, we’re just talking about water here. Tell him it made you angry and move on. Like you say, you have more important things to worry about.
Is the mother-in-law out of the house? I kind of lost track of what was happening with that.

You should get another water battle for yourself that you like. Problem solved.

I would just let it go.

Yeah it was silly of him but no point in fighting about it.

Yesterday I was seriously shocked that my boyfriend got angry at me because he put his packet of hot chips on the table outside and the wind blew it of the table and he got Pi ssed off with me for not holding on to it.

Ha ha ha ha it’s funny today that he could get so angry for something so little and that wasn’t my fault I mean who expects you to hold on to your food just incase the wind blows it and it’s not like he asked me to hold on to it yet still he became furious.:open_mouth:

My boyfriend has a hell of a temper.
He gets angry for no reason according to me.
He gets so angry so easily but I just try keep calm and “let it be”.

Even when he does wrong by me I just keep my mouth shut and I can find it funny sometimes too.

Better keep the peace.

Yesterday he almost broke up with me when he found out I was once a stripper over twenty years ago is a long time ago.

I wonder how my boyfriend would go with a girlfriend who told him to f uck off and didn’t take it like I do but I don’t want to fight and he settles down pretty quickly.he gets super angry but it doesn’t seem to last that long thankfully so I can put up with it I reckon plus he gave me the sexiest kisses I’ve ever had.

Water bottle sounds interesting.:open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face:

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