Angles on why telepathy can't be real I got good ones

If telepathy is real then people are bad actors they actually let us no it and telepathy would be pure intelligence if there smart enough to act dumb for a meek inherit the earth thing they are bad actors if ther shuts asholes ■■■■■■■ with us then they is milking math and the only people they can milk is brown people and If there really ■■■■■ and that smart they bit the apple like Adam and eve and there that smart and everything sucks because they did everything before and if they are that smart and assholes why aren’t we all dead so they have a mountain of drugs or awesome food or there human garbage and assholes and everything sucks but ■■■■■■■ with your head and there life’s really suck and everyone’s acting dumb and their human trash because it all sucks and there that mean that a mountain of drugs or healthy food sucks 2 or being rich making a awesome number to make the world a utopia or their not that smart because the only point to keep that much people around if your not human garbage is Flynn effect basically learning from each other and stuff reasons why were getting smarter but if there smart enough to read your mind t
And dumb enough to let you no then there weirdo assholes and everything sucks probably or evolutions weird and were out but basically human trash because there that mean dumb and they let us no or it’s dehuminizarion kinda and some of us get use 2 it but no 1 really tells us and it was interesting even though there that smart and we bit the apple already if we bit the apple already then every1s weird and possible delusion related suicides are interesting and not a long healthy interesting life getting high or those of us that make it are interesting for some reason but we will never no if ere pseudorandom icing us then they let me no if we’re not apart of the web why waste money and electricity if Rees math to milk someone who are we milking other than brown countries prob dunno ignorant regular countries are just as smart as us a lot smarter if it’s not to milk it’s meek inherit the earth or there all weirdos or just play 2 hang out if there all that cool and smart whos gross 2 not wana hang out with and if there acting dumb it’s for the meek if there that smart for example on call of duty everyone’s acting dumb if they dont give a duck y would they care to let u no and if there not acting dumb or playing in some weird unconventional way or don’t try from my perception a team of 6 mes would smack anyone and if there that smart that means they know all ur dots in a constant stream u and all future yous like the dot messages with syllables…like that that’s what that says and if they can no ur dots like that they get the dots perfectly in cod and get the game perfectly if they no e Rey angle about you that means they play real unconventionally and if there not playing unconventionally there to dumb or are acting dumb they have a weird sense of humor or joy or meek ińerit the earth or it’s all you digging a telepathy hole sounds way easier though and everything makes sense if u hear voices in voices not much words have as much syllables as hippopotamus and sentences are usually the same length if there that smart however that be so cool 2 know and they obviously don’t want us 2 and giving us half a dick just sounds stupid maybe with dots in front of you and if they can they no when my friends ■■■■■■ with my head they didn’t ■■■■ with my head but if it’s real they did but I made them sweat and a whole bunch of people sweat staring at them at the airport dumbest mind readers ever or I was totally hallucinating if they can truly read minds they get you like an equation the back of there hand the brains a machine program you input output input nurture environment output choices however from my understanding which is ■■■■ I know. Oohing there can be coin flips in output do they really no your output or is there spiritual angles if there’s spiritual angles can’t help u get in2 religion and with output there may be coin flips 50 50s I don’t no I’m not a scientist but if they truly can there is no coin flip in their perspective. They get you like 5 plus 5 or it’s. Magic

Go to this man and you will find out that you are not.


I have great respect for James Randi. He has put more fake “faith healers” out of business. He’s a very interesting speaker too. I do enjoy watching his lectures. I really dislike faith healers.

I’ve seen one I’m almost ready to call the cops on. It’s a “faith healer” who sets up a booth in park across the street from the cancer clinic and harasses people into not going to doctors, “if people just prayed more… they would be cured of cancer.” They can spend money, join his church and be cured.

That faith healer guy just boils me. GERRRrrrrrr.

I don’t know about people doing it without technology.

But a spirit can make you think of a number and then another person can guess it by way of the spirit telling him what it is.

A spirit can also see what number you are thinking.

And now they are getting into the tech to see people’s thoughts to.

But a person doing it with something in their brains i would not know, perhaps some people would have a different brain, some tool in there that allowed them to see our thoughts.