This job is easy

All I’ve been doing is smoking cigs, looking at my phone and sanding a few pieces. It’s really slow. They say it will pick up eventually. I’m just hoping for some overtime.


What is your job?

I don’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue. I’m in the paint area. They say I’m going to learn everything. Tonight I’ve just been sanding.

Good luck with your new job.

Now that I’ve been working a whole day I want all you lazy people to work. I hope they cut all your benefits if you don’t. Lol


Yeah well that’s not very nice.


Pssst! @Tyme I assume you were joking but just in case you weren’t…


Douche is my middle name. I’m joking for now, but if I still have the job in a month I’m not joking.

Best of luck with it @Tyme .

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errr yeaaahhhhh … i work as data entry… i input data… easy right… try it when you cannot concentrate, the easiest job becomes a nightmare… :confused:


Not everyone is the same. Not everyone has the same symptoms and support and backgrounds. Some people are worse off than you and they can’t work. Don’t be judgmental it’s not right and it’s ignorant.


I’m so sorry for you, @anon80629714. Are you sure you can’t apply for benefits? I would talk to my pdoc about my concentration troubles and try to apply for SSDI.

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I can’t claim I’m usually fine when I’m not feeling like this.

There is no work so we are just sitting around. Time is moving by super slow.

If the meds didn’t suppress the hallucinations like what happens for some then work and driving would have been impossible. Some people are too sick to work even on meds

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@Tyme how dare you. I used to be an architect o k? I am unable to work. shame on you.


You want a cookie.

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