Angie is returning to her old job...shew!

She decided that she just needed a couple days off for her back to start feeling better. I am relieved.


Good for her. She is pretty persevering. Thumbs up for her.


well turns out that she got fired for missing too many days sick leave. she hated that job and I was always afraid she would hurt herself working so hard there. they didn’t pay her anything but minimum wage too…she is going to start applying to the hotels in town monday. I’m not worried. she’ll get a job she hates not working.

Good luck to Angie juke

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Here’s good luck and a prayer for Angie to get a good job, keeping my fingers crossed for you two!

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I wish her good luck, I felt helpless when my partner was out of work and she felt useless but her mom kept her so busy she might as well have been working for her. Anyway, I wish you and Angie the best.

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