Andrew Huberman, Ph.D. - The Fastest Way to Adjust your Stress Levels

3 minute clip

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I can never master all these different breathing techniques I read about. I end up running out of breath. Maybe if I practiced more but i get easily frustrated.

I just breath deeply in and out of my nose, seems to work best for me.

Same thing with me.

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I did 6 of these sighs at around 7pm last night, one every 5 mins for half an hour. Woke up with a slightly elevated mood this morning but spent most of today with very few disturbed thoughts or emotions. The first really clear day in a few years. It’s now almost 10pm and did another 6 sighs the same way again half and hour ago. I’ll see what tomorrow is like and report back then.

I’m the same. I don’t think it matters how you breathe, as long as your body is getting oxygen and you are more relaxed


Did the 6 sighs again last night and a remarkable improvement in symptoms today. Feeling much more robust. There was no mood elevation this morning.

It’s like night and day for me after several nights of doing the double sighs before sleeping. All the fear and anxiety is gone. A major success.

There was a LOT of anxiety after waking the first few mornings, but totally fine now. Maybe increase the number of sighs gradually over a few weeks. The effects take hold very very quickly.