And the day started so well


so well that the water was frozen in my bathroom tub and the shot i got hurt and my rest of the day was spent on a gal know for her dumb schizophrenia fears of hygean with Drs and to end it all up in to one fat fact my time was so wasted with stuff i would have rather stayed in bed at home hiding out from every one in clueing me.


Yeah–that WAS a bad day!
Hope all is back to normal!


It’s not a total loss today, I haven’t gotten out of bed yet-it’s 5:03PM and I will officially declare this day in honor of the great and mighty strong Dr Zen!! (you have to be strong to be able to put up with life’s BS)

So tomorrow, starting early, there will be a parade for you, it will take you to the mayors office where you will receive the “I survived yet another stinkin’ day of BS” award, signed by the president and mayor-naturally.
Refreshments to follow with fresh baked cookies with those fun mouth crunching sprinkles and chewy raisin cookies (watch for the raisons with 6 legs-not chewy) and a loud ass band to drown out the remaining whiners and reverse the suckyness of today… all for you. Just close your eyes and believe it so.
Here’s to Dr Zen!
We love you!
Hip hip Hurray!!

Hope tomorrow turns out so much better than today,