Ancient Greek: Skhizein = To Split & Phren = Mind. Do You Believe In This?

The Ancient Greek and Latin words are often used in sciences to give names to things. It is an old tradition that I have seen done endlessly in my years of various directions of research and nonchalant learning.

Words often have a root meaning in that you can trace the basic parts of many words to being made of multiple words of an archaic language. So Schizophrenia is based on 2 words in Ancient Greek:

Skhizein meaning “To Split.”


Phren meaning “Mind.”

The definition Schizophrenia that I pull up from Google is:



noun: schizophrenia

a long-term mental disorder of a type involving a breakdown in the relation between thought, emotion, and behavior, leading to faulty perception, inappropriate actions and feelings, withdrawal from reality and personal relationships into fantasy and delusion, and a sense of mental fragmentation.

Do you believe in this?

What do you think is accurate or inaccurate about this?

What do you think would be a more appropriate name for our mental disorder?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Mental cancer…!!!


I don’t think the disorder has anything to do with a split mind. More like a saturated mind where the subconscious comes to the surface.


Since the cause of schizophrenia is most likely a dysfunction of the nervous system, it probably isn’t as easy as that to explain it psychologically, but I think that definition is still somewhat accurate. The symptom that best differentiates schizophrenia from other mental illnesses is cognitive dysfunction. Also, compared to other psychotic disorders, schizophrenia is much more correlated with self-disorder. I think both cognitive dysfunction and self-disorder sound similar to the old hypothesis of a split between the mental faculties.


If you separate mind from brain… then you are talking about split aspects or different personas within the human experience.

It’s not like brain shearing or a physical split, but a mental one.


yeh i think it’s accurate, i think each person is made up of mind and heart, and sz is a split between these two things. it’s why we can get racing thoughts, the mind isn’t being ‘anchored’ down by the heart as it should be, so it goes wild. it’s also why we can have for ex violent thoughts in our minds, but in the heart we find such thoughts repugnant. hm i dunno just my thoughts on it.

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under the umbrella term sz or sza more often is a baggage of issues, some false some true IMO each case is unique

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In my own views I am coming from many years of trying to quantify what is the “mind” or “spirit” or what I simply call the personality which is a term that may differ from what you understand about that word. I am much less interested in the physical matter and its physical mechanics than I am about the “holographic personality” itself.

What is it? That’s the question, and I want to understand what is civilization front to back top to bottom, side to side before I can understand what that phenomenon just is. It’s that phenomenon which is universally present throughout civilization no matter when or where you are talking about. It is all, and it is you. It’s very important, and it is no wonder why it has been the subject of discourse for many thousands of years long before even writing an ordinary word was done. They had called it a spirit or soul for ages until recently except in some lands, and I call it personality. If it is of personality, it is personalitous. If it is of spirit, then it is spiritual. If it is of mind or “mental” then is psychological. All of these terms and concepts refer to the exact same phenomenon.

So in the process of years of defining the personality phenomenon in other people thus in myself easier, and thus once easier in myself, easier in other people, I have learned to isolate each value represented in each sensation that I can possibly experience. I isolate each possible type of sensation.

So in my soul I would have a grid with all of the possible sensations listed across the top of the grid table, and then I would have all of the possible values represented down the side. Each value along the side creates a different sensation in each column of sensation category.

So a sensation would be a memory, a new idea, vision, hearing, vocational proximity to self and other things, hunger, frustration, happy, sad, astonished, understanding…

Then each value would be such a thing as a sun, a bird, a rock, a number, an algebraic function, letters, a sentence, a clothing article and so on…

So each value along the side plugs up into each sensation along the top, and viola!!! You experience the exact quanta of qualia. That is fancy talk for “unit of personality phenomenon.”

So exactly how many are there? There are an finite amount. Yes, they actually just repeat themselves over and over and over, so it’s actually fairly simple.

The only qualia that does not repeat itself over and over and over is the #1 qualia. It is understanding. That’s understanding of knowledge. Be careful though because false information can create false logic, and then you will make a life time full of mistake because “no rationality.” No logical judgement. Without that how can you correctly navigate this superstructure we live in we frankly refer to as just “life?” It is not a problem that is exclusive to scz’s. It is a problem exclusive to life itself. Even computers fall to this conundrum. It is the nature of nature which is something they’ve been calling God, Tao, and the Universe. It’s all the same thing, but just remember that allegory was necessary in ancient days because tyrant rulers and their mobs would kill ya for teaching people exacting knowledge freely, thus the allegorical form of the wisdom.

So I’ve quantified all of the inner qualia of the personality phenomenon, and measured extensively the natural characteristics both assets and deficits of all kinds of cultures and behaviors enough over the years that I can easily envision these categories and combinations within myself and within others.

And it is no problem for me to see that there is a “split personality” state of this phenomenon in that “lego set” so to speak where simply the meaning of the sensation has been changed as if to change the meaning of several words such as in slang languages. Yes, the meaning of the sensations were changed in belief, and then practiced as believing in that they were not of oneself but of some kind of other being of any sorts. The scz’s are in the belief that we are in some communication with “other beings” in magical ways, and the type of being varies from scz to scz, but in all cases there are magical communicating beings. It is simply that the sensations of the personality phenomenon have been re-programmed to mean “of other beings,” and therefore this has changed the dynamics of the entire world and universe paradigm.

If I were teaching all of you in kindergarten about mind communication with other beings and technologies, then the whole view of your world would be completely different for as long as you believed it were true. Different because every sensation you experience within your personal personality is not a unique sensation of your own, but is a sensation mutually experienced throughout the world, community, universe, networks or whatever the class teacher told you to believe.

If mutual sensation were the case, and we were one big hive mind which is what the scz essentially experiences paradigmatically, then after that all things that one does or doesn’t do takes on a whole new meaning. And since all things take on a whole new meaning, what it is that your personality achieves and does not achieve the rest of your life fixed to an alternate code of laws.

It is my understanding that this works on many people already without a class on it but serendipitously, but this “re-programming” of the sensations is not unique to only the scz’s.

That’s right. The entire civilization “re-programs” their sensations from the time they are born. In fact the ability to walk, talk, and use your arms is begun reprogramming straight away when you are born. An example is the language, accent, and particular dialect that you learn which is solidly ingrained in you for life. Another example is the level of math, computer science, natural science, philosophy, athletics, musicianship, leadership, team work, sociability and so on and so on…these too are effectively the “re-programming” of the sensations.

Yes, through training you can understand what I write when I write “The Can.” You’re sensations are trained so that when those 6 letters interact with your personality, the sensation is the experience you have in which you see and understand what that is which is written on the page. Most personalities of the world however cannot experience that same experience because their sensations are not trained to do so with that particular information. I would need to restructure the lines in the letters, so that they would experience the same understanding as you had when you read those 2 words.

So when you learnt that those voices and sensations are not of you but “of others,” then whenever you have sensations which routinely occur in any personality just so ordinarily, the experience is different than in other people. You experience “others” which are not there while most people would simply have experienced themselves.

Most people experience personalitous sensations, and they view this as simply looking into themselves like looking into a well of personalitous sensations including creativity and all of the others in combination with so many values too, and they simply see in there like it were a big atmospheric dome where there are many species of different characteristics both sensational type and value type appearing and vanishing, living in harmony as well as contentiously sometimes. They never experience that any of it in there is communicative nor mutually experienced with anyone or thing. They are alone, and all of it is simply of themselves.

Whereas the scz looks into that dome of personality within themselves, and they believe there is communication going on between the sensations which are exchanging values the way that human beings do in real life. There is a give and take between the sensations. If such and such is experienced or understood, then there is a reaction in accord to that, and then there is a reaction in accord to that too, and this perpetual, theatrical show goes on and on and on for years unceasingly.

You see what is that phenomenon inside of you is your personality. Even the color of what you see and the music in what you hear is of your personality or is personalitous. Those are a few of your sensations which react to information according to the values of that information. It’s very simple, and it is very fallacious that sensations are interacting sociologically, but it must be one componential function of nature’s logic, or it would not be possible.

Split Personality or Split Mind or Split Soul

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How many souls in each person are possible? Call it personality or mind if you life.

If one is scz, is it appropriate to react emotionally and/or with opinionated discourse of any kind to the voices as though they were outside of the the body or other than a singlular self’s personality,…

…or is it appropriate to react emotionally and/or with opinionated discourse of any kind to the voices as though it were not many or other than the personalitous brain which simply needs a scolding and stern talking to about what is real and what is obsolete bs?

If the first choice is correct, has that ever produced any practical worth for anyone who has done that ever or over many years? What about in the second choice?

When I did not understand the phenomenon of personality, I could easily be fooled into believing my sensations were “others communicable messages, opinions, and observing of my personalitous sensations and values.” I wound up believing that my mind was being read. I wound up believing that these sensations which we simply call “voices” to categorize all of the strange experiences we have when we are scz’s were “of others” broadcasted into me and thus “others” being broadcasted to by me.

I was a fool not to see that all of these “voices” or mere plain ol rudimentary sensations were not sociological at all, were not from outside of me at all, were not from anyone, anywhere, or anything other than right between my own ears.

So I became sick, and for a few years I was crazy meaning that I was certain of my delusions. I remained sick for many more years. I’m still a little “sick” now, but I know better than to believe in my illusions.

I have during these years had many more than one word and other forms of discourse with these “illusionary others.” At first it was mayhem. I had yelled so much for so many days that I lost my voice my throat was so soar. I have cried and have been so pissed off and every other emotion to the extremes like a furnace that was fueled to burn the hottest levels of fire it could possibly burn for the longest amount of time. In so many words my furnace was glowing to red hot that I could not touch me. It was like a nuclear reaction that cycled up to maximum only after a few years, and then cycled down over the course of more than a decade. Maximum emotions including much pain and humiliation. And while this was virtual it was mortifying because of the shear morbidity and sense of being brutalized and abused which I won’t get into with explanations. But I will say that it is easy to see how an scz can become a Chronic PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

I never thought once about yelling at my delusional brain’s personality which was creating all of these bazerker chimpanzee monkey brain theatrical illusions. Not once.

But when I started to do exactly that there was a change. Suddenly I could catch glimpses of what kind of delusional self talking dream state I was entranced in. It was different than before, so that I was not looking in believing that all of these sensations were occurring outside of me somehow, but I was looking in at this personalitous phenomenon occurring that had fallacious believed in those things were happening outside when they were simply happening right there in the little piece of me; my head.

So scz went from being all the world and fully encompassing as in a full scaled phantasmagorical paradigm to being some fallacious bullshirt chimp brain bassteard’s personalitious delusions. It went from being everything to being a stupid miscalculation between my ears.

This started happening to me off and on at will.

The bowels are not what they seem. Bowels is everything inside of you. That is a reference to your personality that is in there. And this phenomenon known as the personality that inhabits the body within its “bowels” (that’s you) is widely known for being deceived by illusions.

What every wise person comes to know in life here on earth is that the bowels are not what they seem. That means that what is perceived is a deceiving illusion. This truth is not only important for scz’s to realized, but it is equally important for everyone else.

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My man u write a lot…didn’t read due to cognitive impairment. …can u summarize in 6 paragraphs or short…


It takes a lot of words to explain me. I’m heavy weight. :muscle::nerd_face:


I’ll got an idea to make it a visual explanation with brevity to make it work in your minds. I gotta put this off until tomorrow though.

Hahahaha…u are heavy weight . Hahahahaha…


it’s a greek word, right. I like this word. I like its appearance and its meaning. mind is split my thought disorder & delusions & hallucinations. it’s not the one sober mind anymore.

My understanding is that the definition does not mean your mind is split, the term means “a mind split from reality.” There’s a difference.

Are you formerly unlicensed quack?

It’s actually about a split between the mental faculties, which is an old phrase that means something like this:
“one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind”

Basically, it has nothing to do with personality and isn’t about objective reality vs subjective reality either. It’s about the different functions of the brain not communicating properly. At least that’s what I was taught years ago.

77 and Treebeard. You could not be more wrong.

As one I know exactly what they were referring to when they coined the name, and I also have ran into many who have this and who deny that this is what they are experiencing because they don’t know how to take this more than a “false accusations” as though it carried some stigma.

The fact is when your brain communicates with itself autonomously regardless of your will power, and then you are compelled to reply to the banter back and forth, this is in fact a multiple faceted personality. It means that there is “one personality” that objectively exists as your “subjective faculties,” but within that single personality is the delusion of back and forth banter in total belief that there is more than one character in a “mental communication” of sort such as telepathy, magic, or of some form of technology broadcast.

The conclusion of mine, and this may be my conclusion alone for all it is worth, is that the name is 100% accurate. The personality is split, or you could say doubled over on itself, and this is most understandable to 99% of the world who would ever understand what schizophrenia means in its root nomenclature. It is however detested and contended with by some percentage of scz’s which I’ve encountered online over the years.

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Wow I’m really stupid I didn’t understand anything lol

schizophrenia is σχιζοφρένεια in greek.
also mania is μανία in greek.
paranoia is παράνοια in greek.