Anafranil/ OCD/ anxiety

My dr put me on anafranil over these thoughts about C and because I haven’t been sleeping. I have a few cousins with OCD and I’ve always been an anxious person but I don’t know what’s going on here. These obsessive thoughts were no fun but they seem to be down (I saw C for a little while today and didn’t have any intrusive thoughts).

If you have what the med is supposed to treat and it’s working how are you supposed to feel? I feel weird. I feel like I just got off a treadmill if that makes any sense. My muscles feel like I’ve just done some yoga. I feel weak and shaky but then again I’d say that at least half the time the only things holding me together are tension and spit.

Can lithium cause OCD/anxiety problems? I looked on the booklet and that’s what it said it was for.

How long have you been taking the medication? Give it a few weeks and let your body adjust to it - and then see how you feel.

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Ive got some in my draw im worried about taking it as I think I had sides from it in past.

Anafranil was the first psychiatric med I was put on back in late 1973. I think it was supposed to stop the transsexual themed thoughts and lift me out of depression. It didn’t really work and 18 or so months later I was on antipsychotics.