Anxiety- induced by meds?


Views please!:flushed:

Anyone experienced anxiety from meds?
Am I supposed to swap being paranoid for being anxious instead?

Many thanks.

You don’t say what kind of med’s. Is it an AP or an antidepressant, or another? If it is an antidepressant your pdoc would probably have no reservations about taking you off the drug.

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It’s an antipsychotic.

Trilafon to be exact.

I like it because it does not make me put on weight. Less paranoid but more anxious.

I’m on Trilafon. It is supposed to make people less anxious.


I have tried a bunch of AP’s. This is the only one that cuts my paranoia, but leaves me feeling very “uneasy”.

Was hoping someone else could advise me. Perhaps I should stop dreaming about a miracle med.

Trilafon takes weeks to get into the system.

After using Noopept I realized that I had Anxiety. After using Noopept my Anxiety was gone and upto that time I didn’t even know what anxiety is and the fact I had it and that Noopept solved my problem.

My ap gives me high anxiety…I got another med to calm me down but it just sedates…I’m thinking about switching meds…high anxiety sucks…almost not worth the trade…

Does it make you restless all the time like you cant relax? My abilify heightens my anxiety.

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I ave experienced anxiety from meds the worsts three was abilify,the third time I was put on risperidone and invega sustenna and invega oral.

Prolixin caused me the most anxiety of the meds I’ve tried.

Yes you can get anxiety by meds, my first 3 years after getting the diagnose was really hard because of it.

What meds are you on?

I will tell you what worked for me. I started taking a good multivitamin and good omega 3 supplement. Its also important that you keep calm, if you start panicking and hyperventilate it can be harder to cone into your regular state of mind. If you start getting anxiety just try to do some light physical work like tidying up apartment or something that will not make you exhausted. If you do tjis when you get a panic attack it will stimulate your brain and eyes on something constructive instead of sitting still and worrying.