An ordinary day in Forumland

I know I know I know, all of you :disappointed:
But my lucid genius mind shines only for a few minutes…like a comet…lol.

@Daimon …unfortunately I’m not a ‘researcher’ by any means …
But I might be a spy :sunglasses:


Can you do a photo where you look like a witch instead? I would prefer
that to the glasses. All you need to do is remove the glasses and keep your hair its natural tint.

Sorry, not possible.
I only flirt when CIA orders so.


So…moving on… Second round

A sunny day at Forumland :sun_with_face:

@77nick77 wrote another heartbreaking life story which turns out to be a prank. :imp:

@cj9556 graciously beat the ■■■■ out of random misogynistic ass

@Malvok found the most recent misuse of forum’s land

@anon31257746 lost his turtle and got “mad”?!

@seriouslydisturbed spotted another fake mental patient and felt really…disturbed

@anon9798425 still enjoys the fame of his ceiling lamp :sunglasses:

@asgoodasitgets won against @Patrick in another bad jokes thread

@anon40540444 kept being his amazing self :alien:

And Mouse passed yet another test and lifted a hell of weight ( all without nicotine patch!)

But little @derpygirl couldn’t forgive for she wasn’t mentioned so she throw the bag of fairy dust on Sarad’s head! :scream:

Remember, no offense! :heart:


LOL! Being how a tall a faerie is is would be a very very small bag and! faeries are not know for being meaning for long really, just light hearted and playful so TeeHee no dusting for you! :heart: and :sparkles:

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And @gir just recently got out of anonymity so we all wait to see his noble servance to Forumland! :horse_racing:

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Invisible 15 char

and @firemonkey posts his studies!!!

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My bad, I forgot to add

To be continued …( third round )

I do love my principles :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


And I am just left out? Jeez

Ok if I get an acceptance letter to a grad program in clinical I will become king of


Sara mentioned you! Just didn’t @ you, its mouse and the nicotine patch

Oh I see. Yes that mention is my life in a nutshell. “Mouse passed yet another test and lifted a heavy weight, all without the nicotine patch.”


An ordinary day at Forumland
Everyone gathered around

@firemonkey to get the recent news about mental health.
@crimby made a few thoughtful comments and @everhopeful liked which made it an uber thread :thumbsup:

@Bipolar_Bear didn’t know if he is happy or sad

Ish was still wondering about legacy of love between the parents and herself

Which made random Indian poster hit on her,but
@wave was faster, 'cause he was the greatest gentleman

@HuckFinn made a poem about forbidden love and

@Erratica posted a tune of sorrow

Other user went on sexual dysfunction rant
Which made
@PrincessKenny inappropriately laugh

And Gtx1990 was seemingly under pressure
And @SurprisedJ got surprised way over his measure

So they all went to @TheGreatestDrZen for a therapy session :two_women_holding_hands: :couple: :two_men_holding_hands:

I’m so out of this Lol



You’re funny ! You sound happy too.

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You left the part out about me posting dumb meme’s and pet pics! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It is covered by the sad part.

lol! :grinning:

" Off with her head! For she didn’t show a mouserespect!! " :scream:

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