An interest in sadism

I don’t think my doctor understood that sadism is enjoyed. I don’t want to bury sadistic feelings because of fear from some self righteous person who is possibly only standing to close.
Not saying they are the best feelings in the world but, sometimes, sadistic comments relieve tensions that build up due to the demands of society.

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Alright find you a kinky bd/sm relationship. I don’t however think we need to hear that here.

What’s bd/sm? I meant no reference to anything sexual or lasting.

Well if you aren’t doing it with consenting adults I can see why they wouldn’t want to give you any sort of emotional support for a behavior that is revolting outside of that context.

No, no one gets emotional support for picking a fight, but I don’t think the fight picker cares in the heat of the moment.

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I know a gal who was married to an abusive cop. He would say awful things to her, and when he found out what hurt, he repeated it a lot. I think guys like that are just trying to take care of themselves. Yes, for some folks, hurting others feels good.

They say that pain is better than nothing. And I know the problems of numbness so I’d tend to agree. It is why many people cannot seem to get away from abusive relationships. I wouldn’t want to go to extremes, though, because scar tissue is troublesome.

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You aren’t really clear as to your sadistic motivations here. Are they sexual in nature or more general?

It does make a big difference. Sexual sadism/masochism are volentarily controled. Each person has a limit, and those boundries are respected by others through the use of “safe words”. However; hurting, or wanting to hurt others outside of a consensual sexual or social relationship, could be a sign of a more seriuos condition. That being said, the more likely conclusion to draw from your brief outline is that, you’re just sort of “hitting back” as it were. That is to say, that you’re finding pleasure in “lashing out”, and that’s just a basic part of the human psychological makeup. When people feel pressure, they frequently “pop”. Like being nasty to the person behind the counter for being too slow, or too stupid. Road-rage is another common example, and let’s face it, you do feel “better” afterwards. It shifts the focus for you, if nothing else:

“And I said to her…I mean, how did she even get the bloody job in the first place?!”

You are the center of the Universe, not mine, but your own.

You can make your own Universe the place that you want to live, or you can “go-with-the-flow” and see where it takes you. My choice was to change my Universe, then “go-with-the-flow” and it’s wonderful.

I have been thinking about sadism lately. I kind of suffer if I don’t let myself go sometimes and also freely free sadism. I don’t think it’s not fair to judge sadistic emotions as then it would be ME who blocks that and gets mentally hurt. If pun is not intended I can feel so.