My worst characteristic is teasing

To see and know what love is and being so angry as to only tease with it. Doing something only once - to show someone you are capable and then refuse to do it again. It’s an awful weakness to have and I have to search my mind and heart to find the triggers and lock them up.

I hear you.
To be frank: I’m incapable of having a “traditional” relationship.
I have felt love for several people in my life, but I seem incapable of having a close relationship with anyone.
Maybe one day, maybe not.

I am a horrible tease, but only in that I tease my female friends, particularly the ones who are uncomfortable with sex…I had one I made cry with jokes about sex toys and male anatomy…I felt terrible after and was depressed for weeks.

i like being in appropriate for its own sake as much as the next person. but you’re right, you go overboard. you should draw the line at making people mad.