An apology to this year's halloween victims

Sorry guys.

Whoever it’s going to be sorry.

Some if you are going to get it like i did all those years back.

Truly sorry. It’s the worst pain you’ll ever feel.

Hey, look who’s back! How’re you doing?

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I’m showing the symptoms of arsenic poisoning.

It hurts badly.

I don’t know how long they were slipping it to me.

Funny thing being a schizophrenic getting poisoned to death. When it really happens it makes no sense.

I’m confused about two things…1 what happens on Halloween that was so painful…and 2 how the hell did you get arsenic poisoning? And is it verified by a doc…self diagnosis of poisoning is a no no…

Nah, noone is slipping you arsenic Pans.

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Well, on halloween some people are tortured and killed. I was one of those people.

I am being slipped arsenic. I have most of the symptoms now.

Many years back i fell into the hands of what everyone knows as the evil ones. I know everyone has some problems, even major problems, but these guys blow everyone out of the water by comparison.

So, this halloween once again people will be taken and either tortured or killed. I was just apologizing to them because i’ve been to that hell myself.

Pans, seriously, no-one is slipping you arsenic. Are you seeing a pdoc?

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No, really they are. Really.

All of the symptoms almost are present.

Really, it’s arsenic and i can’t do ■■■■ about it either.

I’m just dying slowly.

So…no a Dr didn’t tell you…go to the Dr…if your experiencing pains severe enough for you to think arsenic it may be something needs checking…its probably not poison though…but it may require medical assistance if the pain is so severe…


No, you don’t get it, it probably is poisoning.

You don’t know these people like i do.

One of them tried to kill me three times and then the other one asked while drunk “do you want to kill him?” right in front of me once.

Here is how evil it is. I walked into their home for the first time and i was a schizophrenic all of a sudden. You don’t get it, i’m probably getting poisoned.

One of them sat out here right in front of me and said “if i were going to kill someone i’d use arsenic.”

And yes, it’s painful and i’m showing almost all of the symptoms of arsenic poisoning. And there is nothing i can do about it.

Go to the hospital…

Pans, I’m going to shut this thread down since you have another thread open already on your concerns about arsenic. That way we can keep the discussion all in one thread.

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