An agenda for the third generation of the internet

Web 3 offers up some pretty interesting possibilities

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I still miss Internet 1.0 (Although it was never called that) aka The Information Superhighway.

I got the Internet back in '95 and it was like a whole new world to explore. I was a teenager and have a lot of good memories using IRC and ICQ (some of the “social media” of the day).

There is a website called, it’s still around but back then it was a really popular geeky website (It’s slogan was News for nerds, stuff that matters) and had a term named after it called “The Slashdot effect” where it would link to a news story and so many people would click the link and try to visit the website it would crash the other server, lol. I also got burned clicking Goatse links in the comments section on numerous occasions, old Slashdotters will know what that means.

Still web 2.0 brought major improvements and an explosion of information. I’m curious to see how web 3.0 will play out over the next 10 or 20 years.

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Have they solved the energy and storage problem with blockchain? Is it even feasible to build a whole new internet around it?

The energy problem and CO2 emissions associated with cryptocurrency are pretty unacceptable. And those are just minor currencies.

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Yeah, there are plans to move from “Proof of work” to “Proof of stake”

Don’t ask me to explain it because I haven’t done a lot of reading about it but in Ethereums case it is suppose to cut energy use by about 95%.


That’s a great start. I’m glad to hear they’re working on it.

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