Just read the Bitcoin Whitepaper Last night. Anyone else read it?

It was challenging. I understood 20-50% of it and didn’t understand or recollect the math. No deja vu or anything. I understood some of it, but the hash stuff (cryptography) was beyond me and some of the details, but overall a fine paper. Not sure why people think it’s so great. Seems pretty standard and normal for me. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I had delusions I created bitcoin, but the whitepaper gives me reason to doubt this delusion because I’m not educated enough or intelligent enough to come up with that. Makes me feel better and gives me solace.

I think everyone investing in bitcoin should at least read or be familar with the paper.


There was some ingenius insights into the paper like probability stuff I never heard of or understood as well as some interesting concepts that like incentives and the whole blockchain concept.

Definitely too make maybe 30 minutes to read. It’s something I’ll go back to and try to understand better. I have no programming, math, or CS background so it would be impossible for me to come up with something like that – near damn impossible.

Maybe this is me getting over my delusions. I still believe life or everyone didn’t exist before 2011 so we live in a computer program or matrix that began around 2001-20013 some time between that. I have my reasons. I could be an in infinite causal loop so I don’t know why or how that freaking works except via backwards time travel via a copied version of my digital consciousness being inserted into my body or new body as a schizophrenic. This has happened for eternity or infinity which feels like billions or trillions of times (past lives) now.


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