Amisulpride potential?

Has amisulpride alone allowed anyone to- get a job hold a job get a career developed? Any potential for this drug to do this? Does it create a hypomania of some sort (which I guess could be a bad thing but it would allow you to work…)

I am just tired of having to mitigate my negative symtoms with exercise and still by the end of the day an unable to work and have to start all over tomorrow

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I was working for 3 out of 4 years on this med

My QTC got messed with tho

Had to switch, and it has been a total ball ache to find something as effective without bags of side effects

Good to know What is QTC though?

It can cause QTC prolongation, which is something to do with how long it takes the heart to recharge between beats. That’s all the pdoc said it was to me

Hey Joker, How did your doc find out about that and were you on a high dose?

They gave me an ecg on the treadmill to check my heart a while ago and it was ok, and recently they said my heart was beating like an athletes but i feel like crap a lot so idk how that relates

Btw, I take a low dose of it about 200mg daily and I do ok but I have fatigue pretty bad but idk if its the med that did that

I was on 800mg, and they had moved me up to 1.2g, so the pdoc wanted an ECG. I had to do a repeat one, then he told me I had to come off the Amisulpride. His plan to mix two APs was not going to work out as he said my heart wouldn’t be able to tolerate it

That’s why we have tried so many meds since, rather than adding a second one


I don’t think any single medication can help you get a job or help with career development. APs the major part of stability but the only build a foundation from which you can work from. If you looking to make gains in terms of having a functional work outcome then you need to replicate and practice the skill you are trying to improve. Namely this would be psychosocial intervention, job relevant training and or volunteering ect.

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Did you take the Amisulpride as an additional med or was it your primary Med? I only take 200mg a day and its my primary and only med.

It was primary AP. Was on 800mg for about 4 years.

They upped it to 1.2g when it was failing me, then this QTC thing got picked up - but who knows when it started, as physical checks were non-existent since Covid.

My old pdoc said to me the dose doesn’t mean anything other than how the medication behaves in your metabolism

I was on other things as well like Pregabalin and Diazepam

If it works for you, that’s great!

The only side effects I got was elevated Prolactin, and then this QTC thing

QTC pisses me off, as the option to dual 2 meds at the same time at high enough doses cannot happen now :frowning:

Damn, I thought if it works it works, like i’ve been on mine for over 10 years now and if you were on it for 4 yrs its strange to then just stop working

I’ve never heard that before

I managed to stop the pregablin and i have some low strength diazepam for emergencies

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It wasn’t that it stopped working as such.

The drug did the same throughout, but I had really bad anxiety that they were treating as a standalone thing

Then I saw the pdoc in January f2f and he said it was psychosis causing anxiety

So he took GAD off my record :confused:

I remember him saying that quite a while ago when I complained about the dose. We tried 600mg for a few months, but then I had to go back up to 800mg…

That’s good. I am trying to come off the pregabalin and the moment. Got down from 30mg diazepam a day to 4mg, but I am taking 5mg extra PRN

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Amisulpride has been a good med for me. I used to take it alone but now I’m taking it with haloperidol and a mood stabiliser and AD . I take 500mg . It helps with negative symptoms but not completely. I swing into avolitions quite often due to stress and sometimes just because .

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Amisulpride Was one of the best meds. I had to quit due to high prolactin levels and chest pains

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i get chest pains but idk what causes it, i just thought anxiety and fatigue

Chest burns due to high prolactin levels

idk what you mean by chest burns; is that like acid indigestion or anxiety, i am worried my med is causing my fatigue and anxiety issues and i get some other issues.

Idk if i could find a med that is as good as this for my mental health :frowning: i’d hate to have to stop it but if it was going to kill me i’d have to :frowning:

I’m wondering if this would work. If for instance your brain and thinking is just completely shut off (negative symtoms) would this activate it. For me even a small amount of exercise has always opened up my mind. Then meds would work otherwise they seem they wouldn’t work.