American culture

you’re expected to have a car here. when you say f that and start hiking instead. you get thrown in the can for being suspicious. when you’re in the can they ask you questions. then they decide you’re not a criminal but a schizophrenic. so it’s off to the hospital instead. o what joy. tried walking to California, made it to Illinois.


come on by. I worked with a lot of African’s when I worked in a warehouse. they were ■■■■. management liked them because they would work long hours to get ahead…me I vote for more work life balance shorter days at work. trump hates immigration but they depend on it to support their low wage industries.

I wanted to come to Africa in my 20’s, I don’t know why, it’s supposed to be the cradle of civilizations. personally im neutral to race, i don’t like them or dislike them really. I’ve only had a couple African American friends in my life and that was back when i was playing sports. they generally prefer the cities and I’ve always lived in the suburbs so its rare when i run into a black person. one time i had a Kenyan friend at work.

hopefully things in south Africa stay civil for everybodys sake.

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South Africa actually has a first world grid in a third world country.

Its better than most African countries.

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It’s the most civilized from the statistics

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People should give more heed to that. People in the U.S. were so indignant about the racism in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, that they couldn’t stop themselves from demanding change. They got change, and it was massively for the worse. It would have been so much better if they had counted on the education system to produce an increasingly empowered black population with an interest in contributing to the economy, and making a handsome profit in the process. Liberals might scoff at that, but they’re the ones looking for pie in the sky. Their approach was a disaster.

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