Feel oppression from the African-American community?

Why are African-Americans so mean? They carry themselves as if the world owes them something when my “people” have been oppressed too. I feel oppression being half Jewish, irish, italian and scottish. There will always be racism, classism, elitism… It’s unavoidable. I hate how it exists. I’m such a nice friendly person. I feel I am especially targeted by African-Americans. Hispanic people are super nice to me. But blacks feel they’re superior when everyone is equal…I’ve proven to myself that everyone is equal through logical reasoning. Why does it have to be this way?

Not all blacks, some are really cool and friendly and go out of their way to be friendly to me…especially ones who are 30-40 years old, while others have this elitist attitude, especially those 16-20 years old. It shouldn’t bother me, but it bothers me when people see color. Maybe I am hypocritical, but I find myself to be intuitive and I am judged for my race. While I don’t judge people for their race, just their mindset. Maybe they don’t realize that not all white people are slave owning KKK confederate flag cross burning racists. Lack of education? It bothers me they are uneducated, it bothers me they are racist.

Thoughts. Sorry if this thread is too controversial. Feel free to delete it mods.

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One thing that I recently had kind of a lightbulb moment about was that I’m used to being given the benefit of the doubt. I’m used to people assuming I mean well (I’m a white woman). And when I meet someone who doesn’t give me the benefit of the doubt, it shocks and hurts me.

But black people in America have a totally different experience. Look at how it’s going with police these days, as an obvious example. People don’t automatically give them the benefit of the doubt, in stores or on the street or in trains or wherever. So, why should I expect a random black person to give me the benefit of the doubt? It helped me take it less personally when I thought of it that way.

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Thanks for your insight. It helps. It sucks it has to be that way. But I’m so not-racist. I write stories and stuff about how to learn how to treat people as equally, yet I still face a certain prejudice from African-Americans more than other races. My whole family 19th and 20th century immigrants, I’ve been taught/humbled in a manner that we’re the underdog, even though my family has made it pretty well in America. Thanks for your input. It’s still tough though because I’m a sensitive soul who wants to be liked by everybody.

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I like you! Even though you’re a Yankees fan. :wink:

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Arod with the bomb! 2-0 yanks…


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I’ve never had problems with African-Americans in real life, only on the internet. I used to live in Milwaukee, and I was a white minority there. Zero run-ins with trouble, but I think because I have an adequate physique & posture it makes it easier walking through certain neighborhoods.

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I guess it’s a different way of life. There’s a lot of violence in the rougher african-american communities. I’m on the shorter side…I’m fairly built, but I tend to avoid fights. And they see me and they think down on me because I’m not to their “standards” of built for survival. Since I’m no Ivy League student, I’m mentally ill. And I’m not big either, they see me as not much going for me and they think down on me. Even though I think that’s the wrong approach, I guess I get where they’re coming from, from their way of life. I live on a spiritual path and they can’t respect that. I see the African-American community as spiritually lacking, outside of a large number obviously who are not spiritually lacking, but many are. It’s one or the other. Up here in the NorthEast they tend to not be so spiritual. I hate to stereotype, I wonder if that’s what I’m doing.

When I was in the army from 1977-81 many of the blacks in the enlisted ranks were a pain. The black NCO’s were pretty good. They expected you to do your job, and if you did your job you had no problem with them. I’ve sometimes wondered why that was. Maybe it was a generational thing. It has been my experience, though, that when you give blacks some responsibility they do pretty well with it. The black culture of violence in the ghetto is disturbing to me. They profess a hatred of whites, but they probably hurt each other more than they ever did whites. One black guy on TV said that if you don’t participate in the violence you became a victim. I’ve heard black guys talk about the character in the ghetto who is a stone cold killer. You don’t dare cross him because he will kill you. He is the guy bringing everybody down. They have to find a way to break his power.

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Great insightful post. Taught me a lot.

I do agree blacks do well with responsibility and I wish there were more equality. There’s also things they need to change in order to attain that level of respect. But no ones perfect either.

How do you know what they think of you? It could all be misconceptions.

I know one female in highschool that could’ve been a mutual relationship ended up “falling out” because she said I mean-eyed her too much down the halls. Truth is, I have bad eye sight and she misrepresented my eyeing her b/c I had to squint to see her.


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Ya i should try to be more unbiased/reasonable.

Ahhhhh That’s chillah.

I dont have a lot of experience with African Americans, but i have some funny stories from when i was in juvenile hall. Our unit went to play a game of basketball. I was kind of a star when i was younger not to brag lol but i got picked last cuz u know, my skin color. My teammate came up to me and explained what a jump ball was. I kinda wanted to laugh. So we got to playing and i ended up playing very well. Then suddenly they respected me. It goes to show that youll have better luck with African Americans if you can relate to something they love.

Also i find African Americans pretty friendly in public, i small talked with some today in the elevator. And i had a few black friends as a kid that were pretty nice.

There are some that have a lot against whites but honestly it doesnt affect me. Im not interested in anyone who doesnt like a race of ppl anyways.

Yeah I’m pretty good at basketball even though I’m short. I can jump, shoot, dribble, pass. They would respect that back in the day when I used to play. And when I listened to rap they seemed to like me more. Lol now I listen to rock and they don;'t relate.

Haha yeah i watched Straight Outta Compton twice and love the history of rap but i still prefer rock and metal.

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Bro i saw ur pic, u have a muscular point guard frame. Ur lucky

Dude man! Come on !there is hundreds of years of animosity that we have to get through, and if you ever have to kick somebody’s ass PLEASE PLEASE don’t don’t it just for his race.

Im native American and EVERYBODY looks down on us by default ,that don’t mean that im always looking for a fight.

Native Americans are the coolest IMO. All the books I read are about native americans. Plus you’re from alaska. You’re pretty much the man.

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Thanks bro. …NO …WE ARE “THE MEN”…

I wish I could be a Brujo.

I read this series of books by this author Carlos Castenada about a character named Don Juan (A Native Indian).

I wish I could be on the level of the native man in terms of touch with nature.