Amazon recalls eclipse glasses ๐Ÿ‘“ due to safety concerns

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Hereโ€™s an article from the American Astronomical Society about How to Tell If Your Eclipse Glasses or Handheld Solar Viewers Are Safe

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Why disguise the solar eclipse with shaded vision. Isnt it supposed to be relatively safe to stare at it anyways cuz its blocked out by moon, and quickly fleeting. Amazon, always looking for a way to make a quick buck. Shameโ€ฆ

Itโ€™s only safe to look at the sun during totality, for the two minutes or so when the sun is completely blocked. So everywhere else in the nation thatโ€™s only getting a partial eclipse, and everywhere in path of totality when the sun is not fully eclipsed, it is dangerous to look at the sun.

Amazon is refunding glasses sold by fraudulent third party sellers, not glasses they shipped themselves.

Thatโ€™s what they want u to think. I personally dont mind staring at the sun if itโ€™s not too long. I know our nation is very finicky over little things, kinda brain-washed that way. Uโ€™d really have to stare at the sun for a very long time for it to noticably damage ur vision. A rare solar eclipse shouldnt cause real harm. But flag this post if it bothers u.

Permanent damage to the retina has been shown to occur in ~100 seconds, but the exact time before damage occurs will vary with the intensity of the sun on a particular day (clouds and haze can weaken the sunโ€™s rays) and with how much the viewerโ€™s pupil is dilated (decongestants and other drugs will dilate pupils). Obviously, no one has done a study to measure the exact time before damage or blindness occurs, but doctors collect information after events like the 1999 solar eclipse, when people who stared directly at the sun for several minutes went to see their doctor. In one study, about half had permanent damage.

Please donโ€™t encourage people to engage in risky behavior, okay? Eclipses are fascinating, people lose track of time, and there really arenโ€™t any natural cues to tell you how long is too long.

Maybe ur right, maybe five minutes too long, i will not encourage this practice, as to iโ€™m not 100% sure i am right. Thx @Rhubot.